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On the assumption that alcoholic drinks are 'hard' drinks. So non-alcoholic drinks are soft drinks.

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Q: Why are soft drinks called soft drinks?
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Why are cokes called soft drinks?

Alcoholic drinks are called 'hard' drinks: You've probably heard the expresion 'hard liqour', well all alcoholic drinks are considered 'hard'. Soft drinks have no alcohol in them, so they are called 'soft'.

What is alphonso in soft drinks?

Alphonso in soft drinks is a type of brand of soft drinks that is found in the Mango variety and it is called the Mango Alphonso.

What gas in soft drinks make it fizz?

The gas in soft drinks that makes drinks fizzy is called carbon dioxide.

What are soft drinks called in the mountains?


What is soft drinks?

Soft drinks are nonalcoholic canned or bottled beverages, usually carbonated, such as soda pop, lemonade, etc. Alcoholic drinks are called "hard drinks."

Why are soft drinks called pop?

soft drinks is commonly called as pop or soda pop probably due to the presence of carbon dioxide bubbles in the drinks which make them fizzy or bubbly.

What is the difference between soft drinks and alcoholic drinks?

Soft drinks are soda-based drinks which do not contain alcohol or its components... thus it is also called a non-alcoholic drink. Alcoholic drinks are alcohol-based drinks... also known as hard drinks.

Is a carbonated drink the same as a soft drink?

Carbonated drinks are soft drinks. But not all soft drinks are carbonated.

What is the collective noun of soft drinks?

There is no specific collective noun for soft drinks. The collective noun for drinks will work, a round of soft drinks.

What is the pH soft drinks?

Soft drinks are generally acidic.

Should soft drinks be sold in schools?

Should soft drinks be sold in school? Should soft drinks be sold in school? soft drinks should not be sold in schools

What is the difference between alcohol and soft drinks?

Alcoholic drinks (spirits, wines , beers, etc) will get you drunk. Soft drinks will not, as there is no alcohol in soft drinks.

How do soft drinks affect teeth?

Because soft drinks have sugar

Why soft drinks are called as soft drinks?

To differentiate them from "hard" liquor. Hard, in this case, means potent, powerful or intense and denotes (like hard cider) alcoholic content from fermentation. Drinks without alcoholic content were labeled "soft."

What gas is found in soft drinks?

carbon dioxide is found in soft drinks especially fizzy drinks

What acid is found in soft drinks?

Citric acid is found in soft drinks.

How many soft drinks does Pepsi make?

how many soft drinks does pepsi have

Why do they add CO2 to soft drinks?

The CO2 is what adds the fizz to the soft drinks.

What is the population of Asahi Soft Drinks?

The population of Asahi Soft Drinks is 2,006.

What is Asahi Soft Drinks's population?

Asahi Soft Drinks's population is 1,400.

What are acidic drinks?

Soft drinks are acidic.

Why drinks are named as soft drinks?

"Hard" drinks contain alcohol. Anything without alcohol is a soft drink.

Why are soft drinks harmful?

Soft Drinks is harmful because it contains Carbonic Acid

What are acidic saliva soft drinks blood?

Soft drinks are acidic. Blood is alkaline.

What licences do you need to sell soft drinks from a van?

Soft drinks for events in a cup