Why are standard needed?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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standards are to play a very big role in determining the amount of potential we realize

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Q: Why are standard needed?
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What is a standard unit needed to measure a quantity correctly?

To measure a physical quantity correctly and need to compare it with some standard quantities. Thus a standard unit is needed to measure a quantity correctly.

What is the minimum income needed to support a household?

the standard of living

What is the minimum income needed to support a household called?

the standard of living

What is the minimum data required for standard deviation?

The standard deviation is a measure of how spread out the numbers are. Three points is needed to calculate a statistically valid meaningful standard deviation.

How large a sample would be needed to have a standard error less than 2 points for population with a standard deviation of 20?

A sample of size 100.

Why standard needed?

Stranded need to improve you efficient , and make your system or product more reliable

How much postage is needed to mail a letter from the US to Australia?

99 cents in a standard envelope.

What is the length of a standard tub?

"Standard tub" is too vague. More information is needed, especially what the 'tub' is used for? Tub of icecream? Tub of lard? Bathtub? etc.

A comma is usually not needed whena sentence includes an extra phrase beginning with the word?

A comma is not needed when a sentence include an extra phrase that begins with and. This is a standard rule.

Why is a standard system of units needed?

Let he who walk amoungst the living rise forth to the four corners

The Scenario Process Tool could be the only tool needed during a?

Standard hazard Identification Tools

When you calculate the mass of borax needed to make up the standard solution do you include 10H2O?

screw u