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1. Large mass of data can be easily summarized.

2. Statistic provide an almost exact knowledge of a situation.

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Q: Why are statistics are important to sociologists?
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What has the author Herman J Loether written?

Herman J. Loether has written: 'Inferential statistics for sociologists' -- subject(s): Sampling (Statistics), Sociology, Statistical hypothesis testing, Statistical methods 'Descriptive and inferential statistics' -- subject(s): Sampling (Statistics), Sociology, Statistical hypothesis testing, Statistical methods 'Descriptive statistics for sociologists' -- subject(s): Sociology, Statistical methods

What are the Importance of statistics in estate management?

important of statistics in estate management

Which sociologists had an important influence on the development of the social-conflict approach?

Karl Marx

Importance of statistics in social sciences?

statistics is important as it helps in problem solving.

Sociologists agree that it is important you always practice cultural relativism in viewing other cultural practices true or false?

Most sociologists agree that it is important to practice cultural relativism because it leads to tolerance. Cultural relativism is a term used that believes that all value systems are correct.

What are the role of sociologists in social research?

Role of sociologists in social research

What is the important of stastistics to accounting?

What is the Important of statistics to Accounting?

Importance of statistics in field of computer science?

There are many reasons why statistics in are in important in a field of computer science. These statistics help improve computers.

Which is a belief held by sociologists who work from a symbolic-interaction perspective?

It's important to study the meaningsindividuals attach to their own actions

What are the importance of the mean in statistics?

the mean is important in statistics because you will find out your average and can compare that mean to other things..

What is the importance of computer literacy to statistician?

A lot of work in statistics uses computers to store and process data, and to do simpler things like create questionnaires that they may produce to help gather their statistics. As computers are important to statistics, it is important that statisticians can use computers and computer software for working for statistics.

Why are graphs important in statistics?

Graphs visualize data allowing the brain to interpret a large data set quickly and infer trends.