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Because it leads to the limit concept which in turn leads to concept of derivative...

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Q: Why are tangent lines important?
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Do straight lines have tangent?


How many ways can an arc be tangent to 2 lines?

Although normally it is the line that is considered to be tangent to an arc, an arc can be tangent to infinitely many lines and so the answer to the question is: in infinitely many ways.

Difference between tangent and parallel lines?

parallel lines never touch, never get any closer or any further apart. tangent lines touch at one point

How many lines are tangent to a circle?

You can have a tangent line for every point on a circle, so the answer is theoretically infinite.

What is a theorem about two lines tangent to a circle at the endpoints of a diameter?

Two lines tangent to a circle at the endpoints of its diameter are parallel. See related link for proof.

Difference between secant lines and tangent lines?

A secant line touches a circle at two points. On the other hand a tangent line meets a circle at one point.

Is the direction of the electric force on a charge is tangent to the field line?

yes,the direction of electric force on a charge is tangent of field lines.

How many circles can be tangent to each of two intersecting lines?


What is it called when lines line segments or rays meet at a point?


What do you call straight lines crossing over each other?


Straight lines that touch but don't intersect a curve?

Tangent to the curve.

Is a tangent a trigonometric ratio?

Tangent is used in calculus to compute the slope of a curve. Because curves do not have uniform slopes, unlike lines, their slopes change. A tangent is the slope of a curve at a specific point.