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What on? Sometimes on a split tank but very few and far between these days.

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Q: Why are there two petcocks?
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Where is a Harley Davidson petcock?

New models do not have petcocks.....

79 Yamaha xs 1100 vacuum lines?

vacuum lines,there are three one for each petcock and one for the vacuum advance, the two for the petcocks go to the carb boots, one on each side,and the one for the vacuum advance goes directly to the no. two carb.

Where is the radiator drain petcock on a 2001 ford escort?

Not all radiators have petcocks. Simply disconnect the bottom hose to drain.

How do you bleed brakes for 1974 Rolls-Royce?

Older cars that have been used regularly have a lot of corrosion, the brake petcocks are probably rusted. Although there is a considerable amount of aluminum in the RR, the petcocks are not, be careful and have some replacement petcocks or you may find yourself draining the entire brake fluid. Apply a penetrating oil product the day before you start the project. Additionally, have an ample supply of new, sealed bottle of brake fluid available for the job. Note: Brake fluid reacts with the moisture in the air, so use a fresh supply.

Where is the radiator drain located on a 1997 Chevy Silverado?

petcocks are usually located on one of the bottom corners of the radiator, on the back (engine side).

Where is the engine vacuum hose for the 2002 dodge caravan?

any petcocks on the throttle body or intake are vacuum lines excluding fuel lines

Where is the draincock on a Buick centery?

GM discontinued installing radiator petcocks in the mid -90's. Remove the lower radiator hose to drain the radiator

What would cause a 750 virago to run on one cylinder?

Check your petcocks, each carb runs off its own. Also it could be the carbs.

Where is petcock on 1997 cavalier and how to open it?

1997 cavaliers don't have petcocks, actually no cavalier has a petcock. you can check the bottom of your buddy's motorcycle to find a petcock most likey.

What does a petcock look like?

Most petcocks look like a small bolt with a wing nut style head. The bolt is soft plastic and the wings can be broken off if they are twisted too hard.

Where is the petcock on the radiator of a 2002 Chevy Impala to drain the anti-freeze?

should be drivers side of the radiator at bottom. I recommend just pulling of the lower radiator hose, i have seen numerouse petcocks break off, they are not worth the risk

What is a petcoc?

A petcock is a small valve used to control the flow of liquid or gas. Although petcocks are used in a wide variety of applications, the following passage will describe one of the most common applications of the petcock which is the control of gasoline on a motorcycle engine