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Q: Why are your 2 front teeth bigger than the others?
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What has bigger teeth Doberman or husky?

A doberman pincher has bigger teeth than a huskey, because dobermans usually get much bigger than huskeys.

Which has a stronger under bite a rott weiler or a bull dog?

Usually, the upper front teeth comes down just in front of the lower front teeth. Underbite is when the lower front teeth are in front of the upper teeth. Underbite is usually described as more, or less. Possibly bigger or smaller underbite. Talking about a strongerunderbite doesn't quite fit. But it should be obvious that bulldogs have more underbite than than Rottweilers. A Rottweiler shouldn't have any underbite at all.

When was Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others created?

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others was created in 1986-06.

What is the difference between buffalo's teeth and human teeth?

The molars of bison are designed for grinding grass and grow continuously. A bison does not have any top teeth (just like a cow or any other ruminant's) at the front of it's mouth...the lower front teeth are opposed by a bony plate covered by thick gums. And they are a lot bigger than human teeth, which are designed to eat a combination of foods.

Why are some penises bigger than others?

Some penises are bigger than others because of the different physiques and genes that we have as human beings.

How big is a panda's teeth?

panda's teeth are 7 times larger than humans teeth.

Does a pit bulls teeth grow bigger than a chihuahuas?

Yes they do

What is the difference between a smaller front ring and a bigger front ring on a bmx bike?

A bigger front ring will take more strength to turn, but if you are strong enough it will give a greater top speed for the same rate of turn of the pedals than what a smaller ring would. Going to fewer teeth on the rear sprocket will do the same thing.

Why are people eyes bigger than others?

because they are

Why are some silver certificates larger than others?

because some people's are bigger than others

Is the earth bigger than a black dwarf?

Earth wold be bigger than some black dwarfs, but smaller than others.

Is a t-rex tougher than a giganotosaurus?

t. rex had a much stronger bite and bigger teeth but gigantosaurus was a little bigger than t. rex