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In some cases, a rectangle and a square can be congruent. A square is counted as a rectangle, thus a rectangle can be congruent to a square.

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Q: Why can't a rectangle and a square be congruent?
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Related questions

Does a rectangle have congruent lines?

Rectangles do not have congruent lines. A square can always be called a rectangle. But a rectangle can't always be a square.

Does a rectangle always have congruent sides?

The answer is no, if a rectangle's sides were congruent, it would be a square not a rectangle.

A rectangle that has four congruent sides is a?

Square. Congruent means "the same". A rectangle with 4 sides that are the same is a square.

A rectangle has consecutive sides that are congruent?

No. A rectangle has opposite sides congruent. If consecutive sides are also congruent, then your rectangle is a square.

What is rectangle with congruent sides?

"Square. Congruent means "the same". A rectangle with 4 sides that are the same is a square." Plus, it is not a rectangle. It is a polygon. The question should have been stated: What is a polygon with congruent sides?

What polygons always have congruent diagonals?

Regular polygons. A square and rectangle will have congruent (equal length) diagonals.

If a polygon is not a square then it is not a rectangle?

Correct. A square is a rectangle, a special kind that is 'regular'--all its angles are congruent, and all its sides are congruent.

Are square and rectangle are congruent?


What is an rectangle?

a rectangle cant be a square but a square can be a rectangle

In what quadrilaterals are consecutive and opposite angles always congruent?

Square and Rectangle

Why don't rectangales have four congruent sides?

If they did, then it would be a square. Technically, a square is a rectangle though, so a rectangle can have 4 congruent sides.

Are all angles congruent in a quadrilateral or parallelogram or rectangle or rhombus or square?

Rectangle and square (which is a special kind of rectangle).

Is every rectangle with 4 congruent sides a square?

Yes. Every rectangle has 4 sides and 4 right angles. A rectangle that has 4 congruent sides is therefore a square.

A rectangle with for congruent sides is a?


What is it called when a square is a rectangle but a rectangle cant be a square?

it means that a square is not a rectangle

A square is a rectangle with?

A square is a rectangle with every side being congruent to every other side.

Is a square always a rectangle why or why not?

Yes a Square is always a Rectangle because both have congruent angles.

How is a square more specific than a rectangle?

A square has all four equilateral sides, whereas a rectangle has two sets opposite sides that are congruent. A rectangle can be a square, but a square can not be a rectangle.

What rectangle with all four sides are congruent?

You maybe thinking of a square or a rhombus because a rectangle does not have four congruent sides.

How do you tell a square from a rectangle?

A square has all congruent sides. A rectangle has two pairs of parallel sides.

What is a rectangle with four congruent sides?

A square.

Could a rectangle and a square ever be congruent?


What is a rectangle that has four congruent sides?


A rectangle with 4 congruent sides is a?


A parallelogram with congruent diagonals is a?

square and rectangle