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You can it just goes to negatives

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Q: Why can't you subtract a larger number from a smaller number?
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Use 987654321 to subtract and answer is 33333 you cant use the same number twice?


Use 987654321 to subtract and answer is 55555 you cant use the same number twice?


How do you subtract whole numbersfrom fractions?

You cant

How can you subtract from nine and make it more?

you cant

Is 4 factor of 8?

no a factor is something smaller than can go into the larger number so 4 is a factor of 8 (it cant be the other way around) 8 is an expansion of 4. this means 4 and another number/s can be multiplied together to result in 8

Why cant you simply subtract 24 from 40?

You can. The answer is 16.

How do you subtract 45 from 45 and get 45 as the answer?

you just cant only if u subtract 45-0=45

Does how many mean add or subtract?

does how many mean add or subtract

Could an even number bigger than 2 be a prime number?

no because if it is a even number it cannot be a prime number whether its biger or smaller that two so no it cant

How many times a number goes into a larger number?

it all depends on what your dividing. You cant say 12 goes into a number once because 12 obviously goes into numerous numbers.

Why can't you add or subtract fractions that have different denominators?

YOU JUST CANT....go on you try it

How do you make a layer larger on Photoshop?

i believe you cant. you gotta remake it but larger.