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Shapes can tessellate only if a number of them can meet at a point and cover 360 degrees without overlap. For regular shapes this requires that the angles of the shape are a factor of 360 degrees. For non-regular shapes it is necessary that the angles of the shapes can be grouped so that they sum to 360 degrees.

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Q: Why can only some shapes tessellate?
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What shapes don't tessellate?

I believe that regular shapes will only tessellate if the sum of their internal angles is a multiple of 180.

Do all shapes tessellate?

No not all shapes tessellate.

How 3D shape tessellate?

Some 3D shapes will tessellate as for example a brick wall

What shapes tessellate?

All shapes

How do you create a quilt only using geometric shapes?

Select a shape that tessellates. Some shapes will tessellate by themselves, others will tessellate in pairs (octagons and squares), or larger groups. See the link for a flavour.

Can a square tessellate?

noX YES! They CAN tessellate! Triangles, squares, and hexagons are the only shapes that can tessellate by themselves! So yes, squares can tesselate!

Which polygons tessellate with other shapes?

For any polygon, there will be other shapes such that, together, they can tessellate.

Why do regular shapes only tessellate?

Me ain no a ting bout dat

Can a regular nonogon tessellate?

yes, most regular shapes can tessellate :)

Can 2 shapes tessellate?


What shapes do not tessellate?

Shapes such as circles, regular pentagons, and heptagons.Most regular polygons will not tessellate on their own. Only triangles, squares and hexagons will.With irregular polygons there is more of a choice. All isosceles or scalene triangles, parallelograms, trapeziums and kites will tessellate as will some higher order polygons.

Does a dodecagon tessellate?

Yes it does tessellate. * * * * * That is simply not true. No polygon with 7 or more sides will tessellate with identical shapes.

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