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Because you still have feelings for him. its an attachment kind of thing as well.

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Q: Why can you not let go of the father of your child when he has hurt you so many times?
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When should a child be stopped from visiting their father?

* Reasons why a child should be stopped from visiting their father: If the father has too many parties in the home and neglects the child during the party (not checking on the child several times during the course of the party); the father is an alcoholic or does drugs; a father who brings different women home while the child is there or if the woman sleeps over-night in the home (confusing to the child); if the father goes out and leaves the child alone or with complete strangers; bullying the child; physically hurting the child; sexual or verbal abuse; not being sure the child is being fed properly (skipping meals) or not giving proper medical care if needed. If the father is none of these things then the child should be able to visit their father and when that child is no longer a minor it is then up to that young adult to decide if they wish to continue to visit their father.

Can someone come after you twice for child support?

Yes. Someone can go after you as many times as you father children with that person.Yes. Someone can go after you as many times as you father children with that person.Yes. Someone can go after you as many times as you father children with that person.Yes. Someone can go after you as many times as you father children with that person.

Can you put your childs father on child support as many times as you want and keep taking him off?

You can, but eventually the court will question what you are doing.

Your child is 9 and her father was to see her after 4 year but your child dose not what to see him what rights have you got?

If the father has joint-custody of the child, not many. You are also at risk of an accusation of child alienation if you refuse.

What rights does a man found to be the father by default have to said child?

If a father finds out he is the biological father of a child, he has as many rights to the child as the mother does. He can take the mother to court for custody or to set up a parenting plan.

How will you affect your child's father financially if you request child support when he is already paying child support for his child with another unmarried mother?

Not sure if you want to hurt him or not but it's the biological parents obligation to provide for their child regardless of how many they have. It's the child's right. And if you need benefits from the state they will go after him first. If he can not support another child he should not have gotten one or he needs to get a second job.

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How many times father is mention in the New Testament?

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How many times is the word hurt used in the Bible?

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How many times does Jesus speak of God as his father in new testament?

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Does the father have to pay child support when the child gets social security check for autusm?

If the child's RSDI (not SSI) benefit is based on the father's SSA account, the amount of the benefit counts as child support. In many cases, this means that the father owes no additional payment.

What would you call a biological father who is not yet been legally established as the child's father by a court?

The term "Putative Father" is referred to the biological father who is not yet been legally established as the child's father by a court. A "putative father" is a term used in many states to describe a man who is either alleged to be the father or claims to be the biological father but who is not married to the mother at the time of the child's birth.

How many times can a parent spank a child in the U.S.?

There are no set legal limits on how many times a parent can spank a child in the United States.

How do you help a child afraid of shots?

You say that it won't hurt and say that you have had many shots and they never hurt and say that you could get sick

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Can a custodial father seek child support from the mother?

Yes. The custodial father has a right to child support from the mother depending on their respective economic circumstances. Many mothers pay child support.

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In Mo what are your odds of losing child to father if you have moved many times due to income and you have joint legal custody and child is temporarily with his grandma to stay in same school district?

You wouldn't be losing the child. The best interest of the child is being met through the transfer of custody to the father. Anything is not placing the child's interests above yours. If you are having these problems, perhaps you should consider it, or the alternative. see link

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