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By definition, a negative integer is any integer less than zero. Similarly, a positive integer is any integer greater than zero. It should be immediately obvious that an integer cannot be both less than and greater than zero. Therefore, a negative integer cannot be greater than a positive integer.

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Q: Why cant a negative integer be greater than a positive integer?
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it cant a negative + negative always equals a positive -Posted By Anonymous 7th Grader it cant be a negative plus a negative equals a negative always -Posted BY Anonymous 7th Grader♥

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true because if it is an absolute integer it cant be negative and 0 is nor a negative number or positive. so it would always be positive. Example- l-7l its absolute value would be 7, or l4l its absolute value would be 4.

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Yes it Can because a negative number cant be greater than zero unless its an absoloute value.

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