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By definition, a negative integer is any integer less than zero. Similarly, a positive integer is any integer greater than zero. It should be immediately obvious that an integer cannot be both less than and greater than zero. Therefore, a negative integer cannot be greater than a positive integer.

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Q: Why cant a negative integer be greater than a positive integer?
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What is a negative integer plus a negative integer equals what kind of positive integer?

it cant a negative + negative always equals a positive -Posted By Anonymous 7th Grader it cant be a negative plus a negative equals a negative always -Posted BY Anonymous 7th Grader♥

What does a positive and a negative sign mean on a pregnancy test mean?

well positive means yes and negative means no.... you cant have both.....

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Positive u can drive negative u cant drive

Can zero be greater than a negative number?

Yes it Can because a negative number cant be greater than zero unless its an absoloute value.

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you cant know for sure, he could be o negative, o positive, a negative, a positive, b negative or b positive. same with the mother.

Why cant two negative ions or two positive ions bond together?

It is because they are of the same charge, but a negative and positive ion will go together

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No, there will be lots of negative impacts, but I cant think of any positive impacts.

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it is o negative that is rare i cant explain what it does but it is like hiting the genetic lotery

Why cant a negative fraction represent a probability?

Probability is a ratio of two counts: both of which MUST be positive. Their ratio cannot be negative.

Why cant an integer divided by itself be negative?

Because an integer can only go into itself once. For example: 10/10 is 1. The first 10 is multiplied by 1 to equal 10.

Can two O negative blood types have an A positive baby?

Two parents with 0 negative bloods type cant have baby with A blood type?

Why cant you evaluate the square root of negative twenty five using real numbers?

using basic math principles, you can't find the square root of a negative number because in order for a number to be a square root, you have to multiply it by itself to get your radical. since a negative times a negative and a positive times a positive are both positive, it is impossible to find the square root of a negative number

Can an object have a positive velocity and a negative acceleration?

Yes. A car that brakes is slowing down and therefore has negative acceleration, but is still moving forward a therefore has positive velocity because it cant all of a sudden stop.

What are some positive and negative impacts of agricultural technology?

Sorry, i dont undertsand myself so i cant help you

Positive and negative effects of emigrants?

The positive effect could be that maybe they really like they're new country and they might get adapted to it but some negative effects would be that some people just can't adapt and maybe they cant speak the new foreign language.

Why cant there be negative numbers in Pythagorean theorem?

Because when you are looking for the hypothenuse, it will be bigger than both the numbers so it length will be in positives, and when you are looking for side a or b, it won't work with a negative because a negative and a positive will cause the number to be smaller.

What are the similarities between batteries and fuel cells?

Cathode is positive and anode is negative for both.... we cant say both are not rechargeble ..... but using electricity we cant recharge dry batteries (some) and fuel cells...

Can you compare a boolean to an integer?

no, you cant. it only works on string

Can a negative electric field attracts negative charges?

No it cant

Why does a positive number divided by a negative number equal a negative number instead of infinity?

If you think about it, the division simbol means how many times a number can go into another number, so a positive number, like 5 goes into a negative number, like -25, -5 times, because the -5 is less than 1, and 5 cant go into anything less than one even once, so it goes in a negative amount of times. I'm not sure why a positive number divided by a negative number would be infinity.

Why cant the hydrogen of a water molecule stick to a hydrogen of another molecule?

The hydrogen atoms in a water molecule have slight positive charges. Particles with like charges (both positive or both negative) will repel each other.

In a scientific experiment what is the definition of a variable?

Pretty much as it is in math, something that is undefined, but in Science it needs to be defined or the experiment cant continue. Your variables are basically what you measure, what you change and your control, both positive and negative (one with a 100% percent positive result and another with a 100% negative result)

Is 0.32 an integer?

No. The integers are {..., -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, ...}. Basically, all numbers without fractions or decimals, so 0.32 is not an integer.

Why cant the sum of two mixed numbers be equal to 2?

The sum of two positive mixed numbers can not equal two because all positive mixed numbers are greater then two can be, 1 1/2 and 1/2

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