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using basic math principles, you can't find the square root of a negative number because in order for a number to be a square root, you have to multiply it by itself to get your radical. since a negative times a negative and a positive times a positive are both positive, it is impossible to find the square root of a negative number

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Q: Why cant you evaluate the square root of negative twenty five using real numbers?
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What is the negative square root of twenty four?


What is twenty two and a negative forty eight?

they ARE two numbers

Square root of 20?

There is no true answer to the square root of twenty, Because you can't multiply two of the same numbers to make twenty.

What is negative two on the square root of twenty plus positive on the square root of five?


What is negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one?

Negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one is negative eight.

Commonyms 4 9 and 16 what do they have in common?

They are all square numbers under twenty.

What is the two whole numbers of the square root of twenty three?

twenty three has no square root but it will be in between 4 squared and 5 squared but more towards the 5. also there is + and - square roots such as the two square roots of 9 are +3 and -3. - times - = + and + times + = +.

What are all the square and cube numbers between one and twenty?

Square: 1, 4, 9, 16 Cube: 1, 8

How do you use the numbers five eight negative six and negative six to equal twenty-four using only basic math?

(5-8) x (-6) - (-6)

What is negative eleven plus twenty?

Negative eleven plus twenty is positive 9.

What is the square root of negative twenty?

Because the Square Root of negative 1 = i (The imaginary square root of negative 1.) and where if the square root of one number and of another number are multiplied together, the answer is equal to the square root of the two numbers combined. (Square root of 8 times the square root of 5 equals the square root of 40.) So... √(-20) =√20×√(-1) =√4×√5×i =2i(√5) The answer is 2i times the square root of 5. square root (-20) = square root (-1) x square root (20) square root (-20) = i x 4.47213595 square root (-20) = 4.47213595 i

What is the first twenty numbers?

You could say the numbers 1 to 20 or even the numbers 0 to 19, but in reality there is no first number, as we have negative numbers. If you were saying it was not just limited to whole numbers, there would be even more. So mathematically there is no answer to the question.

What are the prime numbers for twenty?

5,2 and 1 are the prime numbers for twenty.

What is twenty-seven to the tenth power?

270 Think of it as adding a zero for each "power" that is a tenth. If it is a positive only. For negative numbers (27 to the negative 10) it would be the opposite, so 2.7

What is negative thirteen plus negative fourteen?

negative twenty-seven

What is the chance of picking an odd number out of twenty numbers?

The answer depends on what the twenty numbers are!

Is negative one a factor of twenty?

Although -1 x -20 = 20, usually we only list the positive factors of positive numbers.

How do you make the number twenty-four using 4 operations and these numbers negative 8 2 2 1?

8(22 - 1)

How do you spell 20 dollars?

In words, the spelling is: twenty dollars.In numbers, the spelling is: $20.twenty dollars

How many square meters is in twenty hectares?

There are 200,000 square metres in twenty hectares.

What is negative twenty seven times negative sixteen?


What is twenty one times negative two?

negative 42

What is negative 3 to the fifth power?

Negative Twenty-Seven

What is negative twenty nine plus eleven?

negative eighteen

What is twenty to the negative fifth power?

Twenty to the negative 5th power equals 3.125e-7 or 3.125 x 10-7