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Because the screen blends in well with the golden rectangle

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Q: Why cinema screen are rectangular?
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Which type of reflection takes place on cinema screen?

in a cinema screen diffuse reflection takes place

What different by film and cinema?

a film you watch on a much smaller screen and a cinema screen is much bigger , louder and better¬!

When was the wide-screen cinema invented?


How long do movies screen for in the cinema?

17 weeks

What is a rectangular pattern on a monitor screen called?


Is a rectangular of the screen that displays data and information?


What are rectangular frames on your screen that contain icons?


What type of image is formed on a cinema screen?

Real image

What is mm in 70mm measurement of cinema screen?

Mini miles

How big is a cinema screen in inches?

Square metres.

Does the Christie's digital cinema system require a white or silver screen?

Screen is not in reality as white as it is glossy

What is that big TV screen in New York called?

In Times Square there is a gigantic TV screen.