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Why did Fibonacci think of the Fibonacci code?

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There is the Fibonacci sequence but what is the Fibonacci code?

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Q: Why did Fibonacci think of the Fibonacci code?
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What is the Fibonacci code used for?

In mathematics, Fibonacci coding is a universal code which encodes positive integers into binary code words

Is Fibonacci pronounced like 'fibonachi' or 'fibonakki'?

Fibonacci is pronounced 'fibonachi' watch The DaVinci Code a Fibonacci code is one of the clues to the puzzle

Why did Fibonacci create the sequence?

I think Fibonacci wanted to find how many swirls or petals were on a flower ....... most of them are Fibonacci numbers....i think.... doin a projct......= )

What is the Fibonacci code for visual basic?

Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim fibonacci(10) As Long Dim i As Integer fibonacci(1) = 1 fibonacci(2) = 1 For i = 3 To 10 fibonacci(i) = fibonacci(i - 1) + fibonacci(i - 2) Next i For i = 1 To 10 Print fibonacci(i) Next i End Sub

What type of animal did Fibonacci first study to discover the Fibonacci sequence?

I think it was rabbits.

The name of the book that has Fibonacci sequence?

"The DaVinci Code" used it as a clue and a code for getting into a special safety box.

Fibonacci sequence code in turbo-C?

turn off your pc.

2write a c program to generate a Fibonacci series using stack number of Fibonacci series is input by the user?

no...i want complete c code using stack

How old was Fibonacci when he died?

He lived [Fibonacci(10) + Fibonacci(8) + Fibonacci(6)] years

When did Fibonacci discover the Fibonacci sequence?

Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the Fibonacci sequence In the 12th century.

What is the number that the complex sunflower is on?

I think you're referring to the Fibonacci sequence.

How long did Leonardo Fibonacci live?

He lived [Fibonacci(10) + Fibonacci(8) + Fibonacci(6)] years

What is Fibonacci function?

what is fibonacci?

How did Robert Langdon solve the Fibonacci sequence in The Da Vinci Code?

The Fibonacci sequence is not something that can be "solved"; he merely recognised the assortment of numbers as being the first few members of that sequence.

Why did Fibonacci create the Fibonacci Sequence?

Leonardo Fibonacci did not create the Fibonacci Sequence -- he discovered it during his studies as a mathematician.

Why is the Fibonacci sequence named after Fibonacci?

Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the number sequence which is named after him.

How did Fibonacci get his idea for the Fibonacci Sequence?

The Fibonacci Sequence itself was not CREATED by Leonardo of Pisa (more commonly known as Leonardo Fibonacci or simply Fibonacci). He is credited to the introduction of the sequence to the western world, (Hence the name "The Fibonacci Sequence"); however origins of the Fibonacci can be traced back to 200BC. *TJB*

Where did Fibonacci create the Fibonacci sequence?

Leonardo Fibonacci was a well-known mathematician from Pisa in Italy. He may have developed the Fibonacci Series theory there.

Who discovered Fibonacci numbers?

Leonardo Fibonacci

What is the first name of Fibonacci?

Leonardo Fibonacci

Is 13 a Fibonacci number?

the first seven Fibonacci numbers are 1,1,2,3,5,8,13. 13 is a Fibonacci number.

What did Fibonacci do?

He was a Mathematician, who discovered the Fibonacci sequence, Fibonacci polynomials, Fibonacci Pseudoprime, Reciprocal Fibonacci Constant, and many more things. His dad wanted him to be a wealthy merchant. He was amazingly good in math.

Who was Leonardo Fibonacci?

Leonardo Fibonacci was the father and creator of the fibonacci sequence a very famous mathematic sequence

Where did Fibonacci die?

Fibonacci died in Pisa, Italy

Where was Fibonacci born?

Fibonacci was born in Pisa, Italy.