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he is too bored so he just did

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Q: Why did Pascal create the first calculator?
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Why did Pascal create the first calculator in 1645?


What mathematician made the first calculator and where was the first calculator made?

Blaise Pascal

Was the first calculator called blaise pascal?

No, it wasn't. The first calculator was called the pascaline.

What did Blaise Pascal invent first?

Blaise Pascal invented the first calculator and Pascals triangle.

Who invented the first calculator?

the first calculator was invented by Blaise Pascal for his father so he could do tax collecting and so he could add them up faster.Blaise Pascal

Who invented the first adding calculator machine?

The first adding calculator machine was invented by Blaise Pascal.

What was the first calculator used for?

the first ever calculator was said to be used by Blaise Pascal's father to count his money.

Did RenΓ© Descartes invent the first calculator?

No. It was Blaise Pascal.

Who is the first invented the calculator?

Blaise Pascal. He made it out of wooden gears.

Who devised the first digital calculator?

blaise pascal

In 1642 the first accurate mechanical calculator was invented by?

Blaise Pascal

What did blase Pascal create?

the first human transporter..