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because it is the favourite fruit of the founder of the company, Steve Jobs.

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Q: Why did apple choose an apple as there logo?
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Why apple application choose an apple as their logo?

because their namlogoe of the company is apple so that's why they used it as their

Why did Apple software choose an apple as their logo?

The company is named "Apple" simply because that is Steve Job's favorite fruit.

Why did apple choose the apple bitten off the side logo?

because competitors have bitten off a piece:)

Why is the Apple logo an apple?

Because an apple is the perfect logo to represent a company named Apple.

WHAT year was iMac W80510CVDB7 manufactured?

Click the Apple logo top left of screen and then choose About This Mac. That will tell you when it was made.

What is logo of MacBook Air?

The apple logo.

Why is there a logo of an apple on the back of your iPod?

The apple is the logo for the Macintosh company that made the iPod.

What does Apple logo stands for?

Its an apple. it has no meaning.

Why is there an apple on apple computers?

All companies put their company logo on their products. The apple is Apple Inc.'s logo. To symbolize the brand name.

How derived the logo of apple?

They used the logo that was used by the Apple recording company - used by the Beatles.

Why did they give apple ipod an apple logo?

Because it is an Apple product.

What the Apple Inc logo?

A gray apple with a bite in it.