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The European man probably moved there because land was cheap. In the 1600's there was a constant dispute over the title to the land.

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Q: Why did early settlers move to Maine?
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Did early English settlers in part of US that is now Maine have French slaves?

how old am i

Why did early settlers in the US move to the west?

For better farm lands

Why did early settlers move to the Americas?

They came in search of gold and /or adventure.

How did early settlers change the lives of the native Americans?

Early settlers changed the lives of the natives for the worse. Settlers brought over diseases and killed many natives. They also made the natives move westward.

Where did the early settlers from Mongolia come from?

Where did the early settlers comfrom of Mongolia?

Things that made early settlers move west?

The things that made settlers move to the west was gold.ANS 2 - I'm not American, but my view of history was that most settlers moved west to claim their own farmland in the new territories.

What products did early settlers of Virginia make?

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Why did the settlers move?

we don't know why all the settlers move but..some of them move because they need to find a better job and some move because they get more paid in other states than another..some of the early settlers moved looking for gold..good place to settle,good place for their families,cattles' etc...

Who are the Hawaiian settlers?

The Early Hawaiian settlers are the Polynesian settlers.

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Early settlers looked like ducks.

Where did the early settlers of Ethiopia Africa come from?

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Who were the early settlers in Mexico?

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What type of homes did the early settlers live in?

the early settlers live in hut or benab

The decline of native populations in the Americas was mainly due to?

The decline of the native population in early American history was war with the settlers. The settlers forced them to move from their land and many of them died.

What diseases killed off early settlers?

Cholera killed early settlers in large numbers.

When was Early Settlers Meeting House created?

Early Settlers Meeting House was created in 1856.

why did early settlers settle near the river?

better for there crops

Did the first settlers come to Maine for religious reason or what?


What mountain range that runs from georgia to new york made it difficult for early settlers to move west?

the appellation mountains

What year did early settlers come to Canada?

the early settlers came to canada on april 7 1510

Where did most early settlers in California come from?

The early settlers came from Asia, across the Bering Sea.

Were the early settlers free people?

The early Australian settlers were a mixture of convicts, officers and the officers' wives and children. Some of them were therefore free settlers.

Who was the early settlers were?


What was needed by early settlers in the cold weather starting with Q?

Early settlers used quilts in cold weather.

What games did the early settlers of Maryland play?

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