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they came for trade, religious freedom and a better living

and also came for new land

they were looking for economic opportunities

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Q: Why did people from New England want to come to the colony of New Hampshire?
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Where did people of New Hampshire come from?

Primarily from England.

Where did the people come from that are in Massachusetts colony?

England :)

Where did the people of The Colony of Virginia come from?


Why did people leave England to come to the Virginia colony?

to make money

Where did Hampshire pigs come from?


Why did the New Hampshire colony come to America?

to find freedom

Where did the settelers of New Hampshire come from?

From Europe and the Massachusetts Colony.

Where did the lost colony come from?

The Lost Colony came from England?

Which colony did Maine and Vermont come from?

The New England Colony

From what colony of a group of puritans come from?

The Purtians were from England so they came from England to establish a colony.

Where did the early settlers of New Hampshire come from?

England and Europe

Where did the founder of New Hampshire come from?

John Mason was from England.

What countries did the early settlers of New Hampshire come?

France and England

Where did New Hampshire's name come from?

The County of Hampshire in southern England.

What state does new England clam chowder come from?

new hampshire

Where did the colonists of New Hampshire come from?

Jhon mason named New Hampshire after the town of Hampshire in England's south cost. so most came from England.

What country did the colony Rhode Island come from?

It was established by England.

Did John Smith come from Jamestown colony?

No.He came from England

New Hampshire Why shoud you come to this colony?

One reason to come to New Hampshire is the rich history of the area. Having been one of the first areas of the new world to be colonized by the British and French, New Hampshire is home to some beautiful historic architecture.

Where did the workers who worked in the New Hampshire colony come from?

Primarily from Europe although African slaves were also brought in for labor.

Where did the settlers come from before they came to the middle colony?

They came a lot of different countries, but since the middle colony was a British colony, most of the settlers were from England.

Why did people come to Massachusetts colony?

for freedom

Were did the settlers come from in the colony of Maryland?

England in abundance and later the imported slaves from Africa.

Where did Hampshire sheep come from?


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