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The Romans used Roman numerals because that was their way of calculating. Roman numerals are really very simple and straightforward. For example, the I = 1, no problem there. Three I's - 3. C = 100, the Latin abbreviation for centum , M - 1000, the Latin abbreviation for mille. For us it takes a bit of figuring out, but for the Romans it was simple; if a person could count, he could read numbers.

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Q: Why did the Romans invent Roman numerals?
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When did the Romans begin Roman Numerals?

they invent in on a cave...

Did the Romans invent the lottery?

The Romans did invent the lottery during the 1400s. They would paint roman numerals on clay balls that were then mixed up and drawn.

Who invent Roman Numerals?

By research i believe the Etruscans created Roman numerals these two numbers systems have similarities except they have different symbolic signs towards each other. The Etruscans did and they once ruled the Romans.

How did thw Romans invent Roman Numerals?

They didn't it was the Etruscans who came up with the idea of of writing out symbols to represent numerical quantities and the Romans copied it. The Etruscans once ruled the Romans.

Who invented Roman numerals and why?

The Romans invented Roman Numerals.

Did the Romans invent their own numerals?

No, they inherited them from the Etruscans.

How do you write Romans 1219 in roman numerals?

In Roman numerals 1219 is MCCXIX.

Who create Roman Numerals?

Roman numerals were created by the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.

What year did the Romans invent roman numerals?

They didn't because this type of numeracy system was created by the mysterious Etruscans and not much is known in history about them.

Who originated the Roman numerals?

The Romans.

Who invint Roman Numerals?


Who uses the Roman Numerals?

The Romans