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Q: Why did the cautious and prudent mathematics professor only work with functions in the table form?
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How do you say i am cautious in french?

In French, you would say "Je suis prudent(e)" to express "I am cautious."

What is the definition of cautious?

It means showing or having caution, being wary or prudent.

What is a synonym for discreet?

tactful, diplomatic, guarded, careful, cautious, wary, prudent, considerate

What is a synonym for the word discreet?

tactful, diplomatic, guarded, careful, cautious, wary, prudent, considerate

A sentence with the word circumspect?

To be circumspect is to be prudent or cautious. An example sentence would be: Sometimes being circumspect, can save you a lot of headaches.

What does 'imprudent actions' mean?

"Prudent" means careful or cautious; "imprudent" means risky or incautious. "Imprudent actions" are risky ones.

What does prudent mean?

Wise,careful,cautious in handling practical matters; exercising good judgment or common sense:

What is the meaning of carefully?

Carefully is the adverb form of careful, meaning to be cautious in your actions, or prudent. For example; "We carefully crossed the fast-moving stream."

What is a positive connotation for cowardly?

There isn't one. The word "cowardly" has a negative connotation. Words which have a similar denotation but a positive connotation might be "prudent" or "cautious".

What is another word for unbrave?

afraid, cautious, fearful, frightened, humble, meek, reticent, retiring, shy, timid, unadventurous, prudent, careful, yielding

What are synonyms for careful?

cautious, scrupulous, circumspect, chary, thoughtful, discreet, precise, thorough, particular, meticulous, prudent, sparing, canny, provident, frugal, conscientious

What are some synonyms of prudent?

Synonyms for the word prudent: advisable,careful, cautious, circumspect, discerning, discreet, economical, far-sighted, frugal, provident, reasonable, sagacious, sane, sapient, shrewd, sound, sparing, tactical, thinking twice, thrifty, vigilant, wary