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American workers do NOT have a five day week. FLSA establishes a seven day workweek during which the employer can assign you to work as many days as it wishes, without extra cost. Overtime is due - for some - only after 40 HOURS, not for a sixth DAY on the job.

The weekend is a TRADITION, not recognized in statute. Unions may have wanted it, but Congress never gave it - employers did so gradually.

It has been a gradual development, mostly brought about in the Western world by labor unions in their negotiations with industries about pay rises and working conditions, on the work floor and off. The general idea was that 'good working conditions' also implied that employees got enough time off to recharge their batteries, so to speak.

In the Sixties of the 20th century it was still completely normal for Western world companies (and schools) to be open and working until Saturday afternoon.

Of course the last two decades have shown a re-emergence of the 24 hour-economy and of people having to make themselves available for their boss at all hours, thanks to the progress of digital technology.

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Q: Why did working people get five days workweeks?
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How did working people get five day workweeks?

labor leaders and other groups demanded it.

Why did working people get a five day workweeks?

The 'working week' originally didn't exist. People worked seven days continuously. Religion brought in the 'day of rest' - and the idea of also having saturday off was an agreement between factory owners and their workers. The agreement was they could have the extra day - in return for being sober and ready for work on Monday !

Why did working people get five day workweeks?

Workers got a five-day workweek because the BCEA protects and respect the rights of the employees. Labor leaders and other groups demanded it.

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