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Q: Why did zero get rid of the shoes?
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How do you get rid of footwear?


Are the New Balance Minimus Zero shoes good workout shoes?

The New Balance Minimus Zero shoes are a good workout shoe If you recently bought the New balance Minimus Zero Shoes these are good shoes to wear to the gym ver comfy.

Why do you think Zero asked Stanley about the shoes?

Because Zero stole the shoes and wonder if Stanley ran across them. The reason why is because zero stole the shoes and Stanley is not supposed to be there

How can I get rid of my shoes smelling?

you wash you feet and get feet and shoes sanitizer

Why is zero in camp green lake if the famous athletic thought Stanley stole the shoes?

because both Stanley and Zero were caught with the shoes

Why was Stanley happy when he found out zero put Clyde Livingstones shoes on the parked car in the novel holes?

If Zero hadn't found the shoes, they wouldn't of met.

Who stole the shoes that were thrown over the overpass in the book Holes?

Zero/Hector did, they landed on Stanley, and then the police thought Stanley stole the shoes, althought Zero did.

Which shoes does Gilbert arenas sponsor?

The Gil Zero

Did zero steal something in the book holes?

Zero originally stole Clyde Livingstone's shoes, for which Stanley was blamed.

Why did Zero get arrested?

Zero got arrested for stealing the shoes ( that Clyde Livingston was going to donate to the homeless ) out of the display.

Who stole the shoes in holes the movie?

Zero- Hector Zerozi

Is 06.12 greater then 6.120?

No they are equal because you dont need the zero at the end of 6.120 so when you get rid of the zero it is the same.