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Q: Why dielectric constant has no units?
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What is dielectric constant in chemical terms?

dielectric constant

What is the sodium hypochlorite dielectric constant?

dielectric constant for sodium Hypochlorite

What is Relative dielectric constant for vacuum?

YES IT IS. Any quantity which is ratio of two physical quantities having same unit is dimensionless. Dielectric constant is ratio of Permittivty of medium to the permittivity of free space. As Permittivity of medium and permittivity of free space both have same units(F/m ie Farad/meter) dielectric constant becomes dimensionless quantity

Dielectric constant of metal is?

The dielectric constant varies, depending on the material.

What is relative permittivity if dielectric constant of water is 80.10?

'Dielectric constant' is an archaic term for relative permittivity. They are one and the same.

Why does dielectric constant decrease with an increase in temperature?

If the temperature increases, the conductivity will increase too which means the dielectric constant is reduced

Is dielectric strength the same as dielectric constant?

No, these are two unrelated properties of a material.

What is the dielectric constant of Silver?


What is the Electric field inside a Dielectric?

E = Eo/k k is dielectric constant

What is the dielectric constant of cadmium selenide?


What is dielectric constant of a metal?

It can be taken as infinity

Can the dielectric constant of carbon in water be measured?

dielectric constant is a property of a material, this question is asking the property of a two mixed together, in an undeclared ratio. But yes dielectric constants can be measured. The problem you will have is keeping a uniform mix.