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bigger bubble blowers hold more solution than smaller ones, so more can be used to make a bubble.

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Q: Why do bigger bubble blowers create bigger bubbles?
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How do bubbles blow?

The soap creates the base of the bubble while air fills it in to create a balloon

What is the purpose of a bubble bath machine?

The purpose of a bubble bath machine is to help you make bubbles in your tub when taking a bath. This can be simply for the kid's fun or to create a romantic night in the tub. This replaces the old fashion way of making bubbles with your hands.

What effect does different strengths of detergent have on bubble making?

Different detergent strengths will create different bubble strengths. This will also help increase the size of the bubbles that are created with the mixture.

What is the goal of the Flash game Bubble Blaster?

The goal of Bubble Blaster is similar to the classic game Tetris, in that rows of bubbles steadily make their way down the screen. The aim of the game is to create a group of 3 identically colored bubbles by shooting individual bubbles at the rows, whereupon that group will be destroyed, earning the player points. If the row of bubbles reaches the bottom of the screen, the player loses.

What person invented bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap was invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. They sealed bubbles of air between two shower curtains to create a protective surface. Bubble wrap was originally meant to be used as wallpaper!

What gas is used to create bubbles in soda?

They Use Carbon Dyoxide To Create The Fizzness Or Bubbles.

What are glass blowers?

Glass blowers are craftsman that create pieces of glass. Automation and the advent of plastics have greatly reduced the number of active glass blowers. The vast majority are now artists that use long metal pipes to blow bubbles into molten glass. By shaping the glass, adding colors, attaching handles and bases and other key items, they create unique works of art that are used as vases, glasses, pitchers, and any other sort of container that can be formed with glass. Some still use metal molds that force the bubble into a specific shape, the way most early glass bottles and containers were created. Glass blowers were actually some of the first craftsman in North America. One of the first industries in Jamestown was a glass factory.

How heavy is the biggest bubble?

David Stein holds the official Guinness Book of Records mark for the longest bubble (50 feet x 2 feet in diameter using his own patented invention The Bubble Thing), and you can create long bubbles like this in your own backyard. Weight unknown.

How Does Bubble Gum Create A Bubble?

When the blow on the gum, air builds up and comes out as a bubble.

What makes the shape of Bubbles?

answ2. Soap Bubbles made to amuse children and instruct adults are easily formed by dipping a small loop of wire in a 10% soap solution. (better recipes improve longevity)You may blow bubbles through the loop; or by moving the loop briskly through the air, you'll create impressively large bubbles.The bubble is held in its shape by the pressure of air inside the bubble, and the surface tension of the film.Rainbow colours on the bubble surface form when the bubble wall is more than the thickness of a light wavelength. when the bubble wall starts to become fully transparent in patches, its life is almost over.Wikipedia has a good article.

Why the bubbles in the sea white?

The pollution in the sea (sodas) create a foam NOT bubbles

Why does juice foam when you shake it?

air gets trapped in the juice when shaking to make bubbles full of gas. the bubbles are really small because when shaking, the gas goes in all over the juice so a little bit gets trapped in each little bubble and because there is quite a lot of gas (therefore lots of little bubbles) they float to the surface and the teeny tiny little bubbles build up to create a foam (foam made mostly of the juice on the surface of the bubbles. the juice bubble surface is so thin, it goes see-through and with the gas in between the bubbles distorts colour and light which makes it sometimes look white).

Why are detergent can create bubbles?

beacause they are gay

What does vinegar and table salt create?


How do you remove an air bubble from IV tubing?

If you are a layperson and see a "bubble" in IV tubing, you should report it to the nurse. Sometimes a bubble can be easily corrected; but other times, it can create additional problems. NOTE: if a "bubble" of air is large, or if there are many bubbles, it can push an air embolis into the bloodstream which can create a life-threatening condition! A small bubble can be easily corrected, usually. Sometimes, the smallest bubble presents no risk unless there are many. If you are a professional, or have been trained to do IVs for a family member, you can place your fingers (index and middle finger) above the bubble, and thumb and pinkie below the bubble -- lightly, don't squeeze the tube -- and tap the bubble with your index finger and thumb of your other hand. Be careful that you don't jar the needle / insertion site. After 1 or 2 taps, the bubble should rise and break up, with the air traveling upward, back toward the IV bag. Again, if you are not trained, you should seek the advice of a trained medical person so that they can evaluate the tubing, IV flow, and the presence of the air "bubbles".

Do stains help to create air bubbles?


Do stains help create air bubbles?


How come you cannot hold bubbles?

You can touch "soap" bubbles, just not with dry skin.There are other kinds of bubbles which you can touch which aren't made from soap, including one that is commercially available, and another made from sugar.Many liquids can make bubbles, but soap and water is the best at achieving the correct surface tension to create bubbles. However, these are very fragile (due to their incredibly thin walls) hence why they pop so easily.BUBBLE - TIP: If you want to touch soap bubbles, cover your hands in the bubble mix for lots of eye-popping amazement, and a wonderful bit of fun. Share them with your friends!(remember that soap can dry out your skin, so wash your hands thoroughly afterwards)Happy bubbling!

What causes bubbled in milk?

nothing it is just like soda the oxygen pushed against the milk creates bubble same format as soda .. when you shake milk it has bubbles same with soda =] Just like the above said, bubbles could be caused by agitation. If you shake a container of milk, air can be trapped in it and create some bubbles. But the bubbles in soda come from something different - carbonation. Another reason for bubbles could be the growth of gas-forming microorganisms. If that is the case, you might not want to use the milk.

How does magma behave like air bubbles?

Magma traps in gases which create a buildup of pressure like air bubbles do

What happens if you mix salt and baking soda?

It will create bubbles.

When you fill a glass of water from a faucet and then let the glass sit undisturbed for 2 hours you will see small bubbles sticking to the glass what are the bubbles why did they form?

The short answer is due to imperfections on the surface of the glass "seeding" bubbles out of the water. What is meant by "seeding" this means is that when a gas is dissolved in a solution (like the small amount of air in tap water), it remains within the solution in microscopic bubbles. If there is an area where these microscopic bubbles can gather, they will do so to create a larger bubble (due to the hydrophobic effect). Areas that promote these microscopic bubbles to gather are called "seeds". Eventually the bubble will be too large to simply stay in solution and begin to rise to the surface, often as a visible tiny bubble. This is the same reason why after pouring yourself a glass of your favorite carbonated beverage, you may see small bubbling trails seemingly coming from the side of the glass out of nowhere. The "source" or origin of the bubbling is likely a small imperfection of the glass seeding bubbles. The bubbles clinging to the surface of the glass is the same thing, but on a smaller scale since there is less gas dissolved in tap water, than in a carbonated beverage.

Why does pond weed create oxygen bubbles?

Oxygen is a by-product of photosynthesis.

What does the action of helicase create?

Replication Forks & Replication Bubbles

Does bubbles occur in cold water when baking soda is added?

No, but it depends on what kind of bubbles you are trying to make. Soap bubbles aren't made out of water and baking soda. You can add baking soda to vinegar and create bubbles, as you've seen in fake volcanoes.

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