Why do bricks turn white?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Why do bricks turn white?
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Why are my bricks getting a white film on them?

The white film on bricks is usually caused by salt in the brick leaching out to the surface. This is normal especially with new bricks. Over time this will cease and the weather will wash away the salt.

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Adobe, if you look under Adobe Mud Bricks...

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The best way to build a house in West Africa is by getting a lot of bricks and cement and some wood for the roof. To make the roof you have to make a layer of bricks (bricks see!) and then a wall of bricks going up and then get a net and attach it to each corner of the bricks going up and make a thatch roof of lay them on tying them up the occasional pair (thatch would be better) then get white paint and paint the house white will make the house colder because black attracts the sun and white reflects your house will be strong from attack and good for a place to chill.