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There are many different reasons why children struggle with math in school. Some children are better at language and the creative subjects while others are better at hard facts and scientific or math subjects. How the child perceives each category may affect their ability or desire to learn more about it.

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Q: Why do children often struggle with math in school?
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What are the characteristics of Learning Disabled children?

Learning disabled children may have difficulty in reading, writing, math, or other academic areas. They may struggle with memory, organization, following directions, and processing information. These students often require individualized instruction and support to help them succeed in school.

What school subjects do Spanish children take?

Spanish and math

What do Egyptian school children do at school?

I assume you mean modern school children. They do what school children do all over the world and learn to do math, read, write, and learn about the history of their nation.

What subjects do Japanese school children study?

Japanese school children study subjects such as Science, Math, English, Japanese, and History.

What do Chinese children lean at school?

English, Chinese, Math, Physics, and Chemistry.

Do children love school?

Children HATE school. Its boring and horrible. You do science,drama,art,math,literacy and lots more geeky lessons.

What do Chinese use to help them do math problems?

The myth that all Chinese people are good at math is not entirely true. The reason that they are often adept in math is because they have much longer school days than in the US and often go to school 6 days per week.

What subjects do people struggle with?

all types of math

Where can I find an online tutor to help my son with math homework after school?

College students are often time excellent tutors to younger children. Yon place an ad on Craigslist with the type of tutor you are looking for.

Did J.K. Rowling struggle with math in school?

There is no public information suggesting that J.K. Rowling struggled specifically with math in school. She has shared that she faced personal challenges and setbacks during her early life, but her struggles were more related to family issues and mental health rather than academic subjects like math.

What are some sentences using the word struggle?

I sometimes struggle with my math homework.I have to struggle to talk when i have a soar throat.In soccer: I'll need to struggle to trick that big defender!

What is a good method to teach math to young children?

The web site has a lot of pre-school math activities that will be a fun way for your child to improve his math skills.