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Because feet smell and noses run and because its a joke, silly!

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โˆ™ 2012-07-26 22:42:15
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Q: Why do noses run and feet smell?
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Why do noses run?

Because feet smell.

Why do you have noses that run and feet that smell?

So your nose won't smell your stanky feet!!!!!TRULY TRUE

How come feet smell and noses run?

"My dog's got no nose." "No nose. How does he smell?" "Absolutely awful"

How do dogs smell with their noses?

the way we smell through our noses

How does a fish smell?

Fish smell with their noses :)

How do wolves smell?

With their noses.

Why do animals have noses?

To smell.

What color is a bees nose?

Bees do not have noses; they smell with their feet and antennae. Sorry to leave ya disappointed :/

Do dogs smell with their tongues?

No, dogs smell with their noses.

Do moths smell?

Yes, they do not have noses, but they can still smell

How does your nose run but your feet smell?

If your nose runs and your feet smell, you're built upside down.

Ants have 3 noses true or false give explanation?

false, they sense what we would call smell with the tips of their feet and they have six feet...

Why do the pandas have noses?

They use their noses to smell for food and each other.

Do snails have noses?

there noses are basicly their feelers. the smell from them. they don't actually have noses though.

Why do alligators have noses?

to smell their prays

Why do you have noses?

So you can smell of course

Why do bears have noses?

To smell things.

How do giraffes smell?

Through their noses.

Why do grannys smell?

because they have noses so why wouldn't they smell

Do fiddler crabs smell?

They can't smell well but they do have noses to smell whith

Why do dogs wiggle there noses?

dogs wiggle their noses caz when they smell something and then they wiggle their noses i think......

Which cats can't smell?

The ones with no noses.

Why do dolphins have long noses?

to smell there pray

Why do rabbits can smell well?

because they have noses

How do forget-me-nots smell?

With their noses. Eek.