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A triangle only has three sides. If you put three sticks together, you can make a triangle. If you had four sticks, you cannot make a triangle. That is why only three sticks are needed.

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Q: Why do only some three sticks make a triangle?
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How do you make a triangle when you only know two sides and one angle?

Thats already a triangle if it three sides.

If a triangle has one acute angle is the triangle acute?

yes, it only needs one acute angle out of the three to make it an acute triangle.

How do you make a square with only three sticks?

You could use the 3 stick to make the number 4 which is a perfect square.

Examples of six kinds of triangle?

There are only three kinds of triangle - equilateral, where all three sides are the same - isoceles, where only two sides are the same - and scalene, where no sides are the same. The right triangle is a special case of the isoceles or scalene. Even if you consider the right triangle different, which is is not, that only make five kinds of triangle.

How many triangles could be formed from 2 4 6 8 10 inch sticks?

Only 3 if the sticks can only be used once in each triangle.

Is a triangle a quadrilaterlateral?

no; a quadrilateral has four sides and a triangle has only three

What has only 3 vertices?

A triangle vertices are the end of a line; in a triangle there are only three such points.

What is the name of a four sided triangles name?

A triangle, by definition, can have only three sides. So a four sided triangle simply cannot exist!A triangle, by definition, can have only three sides. So a four sided triangle simply cannot exist!A triangle, by definition, can have only three sides. So a four sided triangle simply cannot exist!A triangle, by definition, can have only three sides. So a four sided triangle simply cannot exist!

Is triangle is quadrilateral?

A triangle is not a quadrilateral. A quadrilateral consists of four sides, and a triangle only has three.

What is a shape with 3 perpendicular sides?

A shape with three and only three sides is a triangle, but it is not possible for a triangle to have three perpendicular sides.

An equilateral triangle has how many equal side?

An equilateral triangle has three equal sides1. 1. Any triangle has only three sides. A triangle is a closed figure that is bounded by three straight lines.

How can you make a triangle more high pitch?

Make the triangle smaller... That is the only way

What triangle has only 2 lines of symmetry?

None. An isosceles triangle has only one line of symmetry, while an equilateral triangle has three.

Does an acute triangle have only two sides?

note: TRIangle. a TRIangle always has 3 sides. not 2. THREE

What type of triangle's sides have all nine sides?

A triangle can have only three sides. No triangle can have 9 sides!

Is a parallelogram a triangle?

No, a parallelogram is not a triangle because a parallelogram has four sides whereas a triangle has only three sides

Is an equilateral triangle a isosceles triangle?

No. An equilateral triangle is where all three sides of the triangle are equal. An isosceles triangle is where only two of the sides are equal.

What triangle has no angles or sides?

No triangle. A triangle must have 3 angles that add up to 180 degrees, and three and only three sides, with no sides parallel.

What is a triangle with three different sides called?

In terms of the length the sides of a triangle it can be classified into three types:if all three sides are equal then the triangle is an equilateral triangleif only two sides are equal then the triangle is an isosceles triangleif none of the three sides are equal then the triangle is called a scalene triangle

Do three linear points make a triangle?

I think the question you mean to ask is, "Do three collinear points make a triangle?" Linear is simply the adjective form of "line", "collinear" is used to describe points that lie on the same line. (Two points not only can be collinear, but always are, so it makes little sense to describe them as such).Collinear points cannot make a triangle, a triangle requires three noncollinear points.

Is a triangle always a rhombus?

A rhombus by definition has four sides, and a triangle has only three. So, a triangle is never a rhombus.

How do you make the number ten using only two sticks?

Make an X out of the two sticks. X is the Roman Numeral for 10.

What is the midsegment of a triangle to the opposite side of the triangle?

The question does not make any sense. A "midsegment" suggests the mid part (or point) of a line. But a triangle cannot have a line opposite to a line since it has only three lines!

A triangle with only all three angles are acute?


Which triangle is the only triangle that has perpendicular lines?

The Right Triangle. Perpendicular lines make a right angle.