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Perhaps they lack self-confidence but want to fit in.

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Q: Why do people have imaginary boyfriend?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Imaginary Boyfriend - 2013?

The cast of Imaginary Boyfriend - 2013 includes: Jorjeana Marie as Janie

Are you insane if you have an imaginary boyfriend?

Just too afraid I think! Go out there and get a real one! Its fun! Believe in yourself! YOu can do better than an imaginary bf!

What tells the story of imaginary people?

Those imaginary people are called characters.

Who are boogie and dingo?

imaginary people.

What is a depiction of imaginary people?

Imaginary People are "people" that are not real and the will never be real. Some younger aged children act like they have friends named bob and such!

How do you make imaginary boyfriends?

wow I've never done this before, but just imagine you ideal boyfriend exists I guess!

What is writing that tells about imaginary people and events?


Is imaginary a verb?

The word imaginary is an adjective because it describes a noun, for example, I have an imaginary friend. The verb form is imagine. Try to imagine what the world would be like if people stopped fighting with each other.

I want to hang out with people at school they dont want me to hang out with them should i talk to my imaginary friends and hang out with them What is your option?

My opinion is first you need to get rid of your imaginary friends. If those people do not want to hang out with you then that is their loss. You should friends that like you for you. Just please get rid of the imaginary friends.

Are imaginary latitude lines that circle the earth look like stacked rings?

I love 1d I hate everyone who hates 1d apart from my boyfriend and my friends

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People who are looking for a boyfriend might need a boyfriend, but you can be happy when you are single too.

What is medical term when a person sees imaginary people?

hallucinations :D