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Q: Why do physicist must be good in mathematics?
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What are the attitude of the physicist?

Physicists tend to have a curiosity-driven mindset, a willingness to question and explore the nature of the universe, and a commitment to rigorously testing hypotheses through experimentation and observation. They also value precision, mathematical reasoning, and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake.

What did newton studying?

Isaac newton is a mathematician and a physicist, it is obvious that he has been studying mathematics and science.

How hard is chemistry if you are good at algebra?

After my opinion it is not true: if you are good at mathematics you must be good at chemistry and physics.

Which one is correct-she is good at mathematics or she is good in mathematics?

she is good at mathematics

Is it true that even if you are good at mathematics you will still fail physics chemistry and engineering?

No, it is not true. It is false. In order to PASS physics, chemistry, and engineering, you must be pretty good at mathematics.

What is the attitude of physicist?

PHYSICIST must be: 1. Open-minded 2. Curios ; and 3. Intelligent

What courses in college prepare you to be a physicist?

Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics and the like. Essentially anything either involving routine use of advanced mathematics and physics or pure physics.

Which one is correct- my mathematics is good or my mathematics are good?

"My mathematics is good" is correct out of the choices given, but a better sentence would be "I am good at mathematics".

What distinguishes Isaac Newton from others physicist?

Isaac Newton understood mathematics , theoretical physics and experimental physics.

What branch of science did Isaac Newton study?

Isaac Newton 's branch of science was a physicist

What is the difference between a physicist and a physician?

A physicist is one who is good at Physics. For example, Isaac Newton was a physicist. A physician is a medical doctor.

Is it correct to say a person is good at mathematics or in mathematics?

It's correct to say that a person is good AT mathematics.