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If the dimensions of the space are listed in feet, you will be multiplying some quantity of feet by another. Let's say it's 7 by 9. That's actually 7 x foot x 9 x foot, which results in 63 feet squared.

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Q: Why do say square feet when you refer to area?
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How many square miles are in 6000 ft?

This cannot be answered. A square mile is an area. 6000 ft is linear. However, we can talk about an area that is 6000 square feet (e.g. 100 feet x 60 feet). We can also talk about an area that is 6000 feet on each side, or 6000 feet squared. So we can say that 0.000215 square miles are in 6000 square feet. We can also say that 1.29 square miles are in 6000 feet squared.

Do Americans say square meters or meters squared?

In the US it is customary to say "square" before the unit when speaking of area. So one would say square feet, square meters, square inches, and so on.

What is the standand length x width of 20 acres?

There are really no "standard" dimensions to an acre. An acre is a unit to measure an area of land or water (or both). Other units used to measure an area include square inches, square feet, square yards, square rods, and square miles. An acre falls between a square rod and a square mile. (If you don't live in a farming community, you may never have heard of square rods. A rod is 16.5 feet long.) There are exactly 640 acres in a square mile. There are exactly 43,560 square feet, or 4840 square yards, in an acre. The area of a football field, between the goal lines, is a little larger than an acre A rectangular area of land that measured exactly 1 foot wide by 43,560 feet (or 8.25 miles) long would contain exactly one acre. Likewise, a rectangular area that measured exactly 100 feet wide by 435.6 feet long would also contain exactly one acre. A square area that measured exactly 208.71032557111303591192697393256 feet on each side would contain exactly one acre. A square area that measured exactly 933.3809511662427322091145579784 feet on each side would contain exactly 20 acres. (By the way, the first figure above with long decimal is simply the square root of 43,560. Likewise, the second is simply the square root of 43,560 x 20.) To refer to a "square acre" when measuring an area is redundant. The term "square acre" would only be used to describe the actual shape of the area as being a square. To refer to the other units of measurement, when the shape of the area is actually a square, one would say, example, "This lot is 100 feet square." This means that the dimensions of the lot are 100 feet by 100 feet, and that the lot is actually in the shape of a square. Note, however, that an area which is 100 feet square contains 10,000 square feet. There is a big difference between the terms "square feet" and "feet square."

How many feet are in 433 square feet?

When you say an area is so many square feet, what you mean is the area you are measuring could fit 433 squares of 1 foot sides. You cannot really break this down into feet exactly as it is a mesurment of length, not area, you could argue that the length of the area measured was 221.5 feet in length and 2 feet in width Area=Length x Width so 221.5 X 2 = 433ft2), but you cannot break down square feet into feet as such. Thanks

How do you figure square feet 15x19?

if you know the footage say its 15 feet wide and 19 long than you just multiply it and thats the SQUARE FOOTAGE of the area so that

Is perimeter larger than the area of square?

Perimeter is length or distance (inches, feet, meters). Area is square units (length2 : square inches, square feet, square meters), so to say that one is larger than another is not relevant. If it's a 1 by 1, then the perimeter is 4 and the area is 1. But if the square is 5 by 5, then it has a perimeter of 20 and an area of 25. It depends, good luck.

What is the deference between square meter and meter square?

Nothing - both terms are interchangeable - and refer to the same area. You could say "The playground is 30 metres square" - OR - "The playground is 30 square metres"

What is square footage for a 19x13 feet room?

Assuming the room is 19 ft by 13 ft (the question does not say so), the area would be 19*13 = 247 square feet

How do you convert square feet into yards?

You cannot convert square feet, a measure of area, into yards, a measure of length. However, you can convert feet into yards and square feet into square yards, and I am sure you would find an exact conversion chart on the internet easily.

What is square footage for a 9 by 13 feet room?

Assuming the room is 9 ft by 13 ft (the question does not say so), the area would be 9*13 = 117 square feet

What are the dimensions of a square acre?

It is not necessary to say square acre as an acre is a measurement of area. It is equal to 43,560 square feet. The linear dimensions may be any two numbers in feet whose product is this.To add another take on this, if you are talking about a square with an area of one acre, the square would have the following dimensions:Side lengths - 208.7 feetPerimeter - 834.8 feetDiagonal - 295.1 feet

How many sqaure feet is in a yard?

I am going to assume that you are asking how many square feet in a square yard because you cannot answer the question as is because square feet is a measure of area (two-dimensional) and yards is a measure of distance (one-dimensional). Remember that 3 feet = 1 yard. Now before you jump and say that the answer is 3, remember that a square yard (which is a measure of area) accounts for length and width, so you have to square the conversion, so: 32 = 9 There are 9 square feet in a square yard.