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Q: Why do some Africans have slanted eyes?
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If Asians have slanted eyes due to the cold weather than why don't Russians have slanted eyes?

Russians do have slanted eyes very often .

Why do some native Americans have slanted eyes?

because their ancestors migrated from asia,

How do you get slanted eyes?

Slanted eyes, also known as almond-shaped eyes, are a natural genetic trait found in certain populations, such as East Asians. They are not something that can be acquired; they are determined by a person's genetics and are a unique physical characteristic.

How come Japanese Chinese and Koreans have slanted eyes and the rest of the world doesnt?

because they held there eyes slanted and mutated there faces

Why are chines peoples eyes slanted?

That's an offensive and inaccurate term. The reason some Asians (not all) and some non-Asians have eyes that appear to be less round is because of a part of the eyelid called the epicanthic fold. It is an adaptation to a cold climate, protecting the eyes from cold temperatures, wind and areas of high light reflection such as deserts. Probably came about in the upper Paleolithic.

Do all Chinese people have slanted eyes?


Are snake eyes slanted or rounded?


Why Japanese have slanted eyes?

The shape of people's eyes is primarily determined by genetics. The slanted appearance of some Japanese people's eyes is attributed to a combination of genetic factors, such as the epicanthic fold, which is found in various ethnic groups across Asia. It is important to note that not all Japanese people have slanted eyes, as eye shape can vary within any population.

How can an American make there eyes like Koreans?

asians are born with slanted eyes, caucasians are not

How does white girls look in the eyes of Asian guys?

Short(: (because their eyes are slanted)

If your newborn baby has only slightly slanted eyes -but is very active - could she have Down syndrome?

Just because a newborn baby has slightly slanted eyes does not mean that they have down syndrome. Doctors are able to diagnose down syndrome at birth.

Why do Mexicans have slanted eyes?

Many Mexicans and other Hispanics have some Native American ancestry. One distinguishing feature of Amerindians is the epicanthic fold which is also found among East Asians, this is a folding of the eye-lid which creates the "slanted eye" effect.