Why do students talk in class?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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  • They have a strong need to belong to a group and form friendships.
  • They are creating an identity for themselves within and among a group. They are experimenting with different roles and personas -- but within the safety of the group. They are different, as the group is different. Though they are seeking their own identity, they will take few risks of being rejected from the group. As a result, they tend to conform to group mores such as dress, behavior, values, and activities.
  • They are beginning to select adults other than their parents as friends and confidants -- adults who are role models or with whom they can identify.
  • They are becoming highly concerned with right and wrong, social justice, and individuals and groups who are less fortunate than they are.
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Q: Why do students talk in class?
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Can students talk about religions in class?


Do teachers get annoyed with students if they talk to them after class?

In most cases, no.

Why you should not talk during class?

It distracts other students from learning the material being taught in class.

Why can't students talk in class?

Students shouldn't talk in class because they would discuss offtopic things that would distract them from their school work. Talking should only be allowed if it is relating to the subject of which the teacher has been discussing.

What can you do as a child to make the students in your class to stop talking?

Lead by example. Don't talk when they are talking.

Should students have time to talk in school?

It allows them to talk during then rather than talking in the middle of a class and missing important information

How can the word shy be used in a sentence?

In my English class, there are many shy students, who don't like to talk.

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that students respect the teachers that students learn that sudents listening in class that students were good that students are nice that students dont chew gum that students dont bring there phones to class that students do there hw that students care about there grades that students study for tests that students hate to get a F or D on a test that students dont talk in class that students love there teachers that students want to go to school that students try that students dont wear short shorts that students dont swear that students dont get in trouble that students try anything to not get a detention

Should students be able to talk about dating and parties in school?

Yes, but not in class when there is teaching going on. I tell students to have their conversations on their time not mine. When students are talking in class when instruction is going on they are taking away the right of another person in class to learn. So, keep your conversation to lunch, breaks, or after school.

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14 boys are in the class

What do college students do that annoys their professors the most?

talk fall asleep skip class chaet text message arrive late chew gum