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Just different artistic interpretations.They all signify death , or the contents of a thing may cause death.

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Q: Why do the skull and crossbones symbol have different shapes?
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Related questions

Why would there a skull and crossbones on a gravestone?

There may be different reasons, but the skull and crossbones was one symbol used by the SS. If the skull is turned slightly to one side and resting on top of the bones instead of floating above them, that is probably it.

Is the skull and crossbones a demonic symbol?

Ancient teachings indicate that the skull and cross bones symbolized imortality. It is still a Masonic symbol for imortality.

What element is the symbol of toxicity?

No element is the symbol for toxicity. The symbol of it is a skull and crossbones. A picture of it will be linked and found in related links

What is the meaning of skull and crossbones as a safety symbol?

it means something is (lethaly) poisonous for humans

Black flag featuring the skull and crossbones?

That symbol is usually associated with a pirate flag.

Why is the skull and crossbones the universal symbol for poison?

Cause if it was a flower, you wouldn't stop and think about drinking it.

Why is it important to create a symbol other than a skull and crossbones to indicate a toxin?

The skull and crossbones means death and most individuals know it and are warned so there is no need to 'fix something that doesn't need fixing.'

What do skull and crossbones represent in medicine?

A skull and crossbones represents poison in medicine.

What is symbol is it a skull?

The symbol of a skull may be used to warn that the contents of a bottle contains poison. Or to warn that there is a minefield, or some other danger ahead. The symbol of a white skull and crossbones on a black background was used by pirates on their flags - known as the 'Jolly Roger.'

What is the toxic symbol?

I believe it is the skull and crossbones at least in U.S. I am not sure if this is true in other countries, though.

What is chemical symbol of poison definition?

The traditional symbol of poison is the skull and crossbones (which is also a symbol of piracy, when used on a flag - both poison and piracy are known to be highly lethal).

What does the jolly roger look like?

The jolly roger is the skull and crossbones. The jolly roger is the skull and crossbones.

What is the origin of the skull and crossbones?

The crossbones are the leg bones of the mother. The skull itself is her son who was born from the underworld.

What symbol on bottles is used to indicate poison?

The Skull and Crossbones, like on the pirate flag. In the U.S., they found that the Skull and Crossbones were not so effective in communicating the danger to children. So a hospital, through a contest, developed Mr. Yuk. See Related Links for image. Studies have shown this symbol is more effective as a deterrent.

Did the templar's start the skull and crossbones symbol?

no... i don't thig they did. If they believe in christ then why would they invent something so scary...

Should Christians wear skull and crossbones?

No christians should not wear , the skull and crossbones as they are the sign of the pirates. robbers at sea.

Why does the Jolly Roger flag have Skull and Crossbones on?

The Pirate Flag, Skull and Crossbones was made to scare the Merchants into surrendering without a fight.

What does skull and crossbones mean?

Skulls and Crossbones symbolizes death................. -By AshaParekh44

What does a skull and crossbones patch symbolize?

The skull and crossbone are the sign of pitates , or sea robbers.

What is the symbol of the werewolf?

A werewolf symbol is usually a skull carved of at the jaw and uses various curves and shapes in the background.

Where might a person find tattoo images of a skull and crossbones?

There are several places a person can find images of skull and crossbones tattoos. They can be looked up online. A tattoo parlor will have pictures of popular tattoos, including skulls and crossbones.

Where is the skull and crossbones on page 26 and 27 in you spy treasure hunt?

On the little island there is a dead tree near the center. The skull and crossbones are the rock formation just to the right of that tree.

What is a cross bone?

No reference exists for a "cross bone." However, the name"Cross Bones" is used for a medieval graveyard in Southwark, London. And the term "crossbones" is used for a pair of crossed long bones (in an X style) beneath a human skull, as "skull and crossbones": an insignia used both by classical pirates and as a symbol for "poison" or "death."

Which symbol identifies poison?

There is an EU symbol of "skull and crossbones" for this. This symbol has the difficulty that the Pirate symbol is often used in games and as Sporting Team symbols. The 'Mr Yuk" symbol from the US has some features to recommend it, but as it is copyright and therefore not in public domain, that counts against it.

What did a skull and crossbones represent in the bible?