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Q: Why do two people walk putting the same leg together?
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When will a puppy walk?

It will probably walk when it is 3 or 4 months. But if you want your dog to walk on a leash, the dog will probably be 10 months or 1 years old. Try putting the leash on and walking together short distances. Walk more father each time.

Why do people like to go walking?

Many people walk and not all there reasons will be the same but the reason that i walk is to stay healthy.

Can to people walk together without agreeing to meet?

No, two people may walk side by side without acknowledging each or having any concern about them whatsoever. To walk together there must at least be the tacit acknowledgement of each other presence; and concern for their progress.

Who are the first people to walk on earth?

Adam and Eve were the first people to walk on Earth.They met together at the Mountain Arafat which is in Makkah city, Saudi Arabia.

How do gay people walk?

Gay people walk by putting one foot in front of the other, then shifting body weight to the front foot, all the while repeating this motion until they get where they are going.

What changed when races could go to school together?

people were harrased and black people diddnt have to walk as far

Why do fat people walk with their knees together?

Because their legs are so fat that their legs rub together when they walk, and most of the time the fat ends at around the knees. That's why they waddle too...the fat lards.

How to walk though a town?

I would walk through a town by putting one foot in front of the other.

Is baseball more similar to rounders or cricket?

yes it is similar to basetball because the bat is the same and you walk how the people walk in basetball

Is it correct to say The couple walk together or the couple walks together?

Couple is a plural noun so -- walk together -- is correct

How do israel people get around?

Drive, walk, ride bycicle.. The same way that people in Europe or North America do.

How are people similar?

People's bodies are similar, in that they tend to have the same number of limbs and walk the same way. People all have emotions. People will generally find something that they have in common with other people, like liking pizza or the same music.