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Gravitational potential energy stored in the water reserved in a dam becomes useful to generate electricity.

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Q: Why do we need gravitational energy?
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The energy of position such as a rock on a hill is what energy?

Gravitational energy Potential energy

Is gravitational energy kinetic?

Gravitational energy is the potential energyassociated with the gravitational field.

Is gravitational potential energy is the same gravitational force?

No. Gravitational force is the pull an object experience from gravity. Gravitational energy is the energy an object has from its position in a gravitational field. An object moving up in a gravitational field gains gravitational energy.

How can a gravitational energy converted to gravitational energy?

Gravitational energy already IS gravitational energy; what exactly do you want to convert? With a see-saw, or a similar lever, or a system of ropes, you can transfer gravitational energy from one object to another.

Is gravitational energy an example of kinetic energy?

No. Gravitational energy is a type of potential energy.

What would you measure to determine egg's gravitational potential energy?

Gravitational energy is U = mgh. Therefore, you need the egg's mass and the height at which it will be dropped. g=9.8

What does potential energy plus gravitational energy equals?

Gravitational-potential energy.

What is gravitatonal energy?

That refers to gravitational potential energy - energy related to a gravitational field. If you lift an object up, its gravitational potential energy increases; if it falls back down, its gravitational potential energy decreases.

Where is gravitational potential energy found?

gravitational energy is found in your but hole

What are some advantages of gravitational energy?

An advantage for gravitational energy is that gravitational energy is that it can be made/created very easily and transformed easily as well

The primary source of a quasar's energy is chemical energy nuclear energy gravitational potential energy?

gravitational potential energy

Can you have maximum gravitational potential energy and maximum gravitational kinetic energy at the same point?

No, gravitational portential energy is more with more hight and gravitational kinetic energy is maximum just before reaching the ground.