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The quadratic mean is a measure of the spread of values about their arithmetic mean. By definition, the arithmetic mean of the differences will be zero and so adds no information. Another measure is required and that is the quadratic mean.

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Q: Why do we need the quadratic mean How is it better than the average mean?
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What are comparisons between a cubic and quadratic function?

They are both polynomial functions. A quadratic is of order 2 while a cubic is of order 3. A cubic MUST have a real root, a quadratic need not.

How is the quadratic equation used in volleyball?

If you refer to actually playing volleyball, you certainly won't need the quadratic equation or other advanced math.

How do you calculate the average deviation?

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Why we need quadratic equation?

Whenever you are describing an object in motion that is accelerating or decelerating (due to gravity for example), the resulting equation will be quadratic. This is just one example.

When do you use the quadratic formula?

When you need to find the roots of a quadratic equation and factorisation does not work (or you cannot find the factors). The quadratic equation ALWAYS works. And when appropriate, it will give the imaginary roots which, judging by this question, you may not yet be ready for.

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The mean is a type of average. You have told us that the average age is 24. If this is the mean average then you have answered your own question. So first you need to establish whether the average you are quoting is the mean, median or mode average. If it is the mean average then you have your answer. If it is not the mean average then you can calculate this by summing all the ages and then dividing by the number of people whose ages you have just summed.

If the right-hand side of a quadratic equation does not equal zero you need to the number or expression on the righthand side from both sides before you can use the quadratic formula?


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You cant solve the next term (next number) in this sequence. You need more terms, because this is either a "quadratic sequence", or a "linear and quadratic sequence", and you need more terms than this to solve a "linear and quadratic sequence" and for this particular "quadratic sequence" you would need more terms to solve nth term, which would solve what the next number is. If this is homework, check with your teacher if he wrote the wrong sum.

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you need it in carpentry

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