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Women are a very difficult concept to understand, i say that being one myself, but it is true. A woman that return to an abusive husband are not easily able to let go. Its hard to leave a loved one that may have cheated on you, and same goes for a loved one hitting/beating you. Love can be bad and it can be good. We, as women cannot control the type of men we love, and me sometimes make the wrong choices, and sometimes we don't even realize it until its almost too late, however, we love them so we tell ourselves that they may change eventually, and keep making up excuses for them that way you don't seem to tell yourself that its them that is the problem or has the problem. Its hard to let someone go after so so much love and so much time and effort put into the relationship that you may look over it, because of the love you have for them. Love-Kristin D. I think the codependent thing is a myth, at least for most women. I got sucked in to a relationship with an N as a financially secure, independent woman. He was absolutely charming at first! It took some time for the abuse to begin, but it was executed bit by bit until there were more bad times than good. It happened gradually. Hey, the last thing a woman needs to hear is that this stuff is somehow her fault, like she asked for it or something. All women are not suckers, sorry.

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Q: Why do women return to men who abuse them?
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This is a generalization that is not always true. Some men abuse women, not all men. Some women abuse men, some women abuse women, and some men abuse men.

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It depends on the type of abuse. Verbal abuse tends to be women a bit more than men and physical is definiately men more than women. It depends on the type of abuse. Verbal abuse tends to be women a bit more than men and physical is definiately men more than women.

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It would depend on the type of abuse. Verbal abuse may in fact be women, but physical and sexual would most certainly be men.

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It is 7 out of 10 women abuse men is relationships

Why do men verbaly abuse women?

the same

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yes,because if men abuse women and women could abuse men if women were strong enough then i'm sure man wouldn't want to be abused same way they abuse women so they should treat each other like they wanted to be treated.

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both men and women have the same percentage for alcohol abuse, but men have a high percentage of using illicit drugs

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Most definitely not. Abuse is abuse, in all forms.

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yes, they do

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Some women (like men) can be abusive to ANYONE - including other women.

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What are the release dates for The Oprah Winfrey Show - 1986 Why Men Abuse Women?

The Oprah Winfrey Show - 1986 Why Men Abuse Women was released on: USA: 19 March 2009

Which of these statements best describes the effect of a alcohol on men and women?

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What is the statistic of women who abuse men?

There are no true statistics of women who abuse men because decent men who know they shouldn't hita woman or be verbally abusive back to their spouse do not report abuse as often as women for fear that they will be labeled as being weak. Men don't talk to other male friends about being abused as most men think they should be able to handle a woman. Easier said than done!

Did Adolf Hitler's father abuse him?

no, cause men dont bea women.

How does the reality of men or women as victims of abuse transpires?

go to the police station

Where in the world does women abuse occur?

The entire world. Basically anywhere there are men.

What was the effect of the violence against women act?

The act increased federal resources for the prosecutio of men who abuse women

What was the effect of the Violence Against Women Act-?

The act increased federal resources for the prosecution of men who abuse women

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How did the violence against women act meet the problem of violence against women?

The act increased federal resources for the prosecution of men who abuse women.

Are men who grow up with fathers who abuse their mothers more likely to abuse their women or wife?

Unfortuantley that is true. However ther are many men who had abusive fathers who have never touch their wife in anger. Likewise there are men who were never hit by their father who do abuse their wife.

Why are men more likely to cheat than women?

They're not. Studies have shown that women are just as likely to cheat on men as men are on women, they each have their own reasons though. Men usually do it just for physical gratification and women do it for emotional reasons like lack of attention or abuse. Also, most cases that are publically known are cases where men cheat on women.

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The Swedish title of the book is "Men Who Hate Women" so it would be about bringing awareness to the men in Sweden who abuse women.