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because it is independent

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Q: Why do you called independent variable independent variable?
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What is the variable called that we plot on the x axis?

It is called the x-variable. It can be the independent variable but there may be no independent variable.

The variable that is deliberately changed is?

The variable that is deliberately changed is called the independent variable.

What is another word for independent variable?

An independent variable can also be called a predictor variable, a controlled variable or the manipulated variable.

What does dependent variable and independent variable mean in math?

It means that there is a mapping from the set comprising the independent variable to the dependent variable.

In algebra I what is the input variable called?

The input variable is called the independent variable, and the ouput variable is called the dependent variable.

What is the input variable called in algebra?

the input variable is called the independent variable and the output variable is called the dependent variable.

The independent variable is also called the?

explanatory variable

In an experiment the manipulated variable is called what?

independent variable

What is the variable setup in an experiment called?

Independent variable

Why is the output value called the dependent variable?

because it can change according to the independent variable. this dependent variable depends on the independent variable for its output. the independent variable is not affected by the dependent variable because the independent variable if found out first.

Is a manipulative variable the same as an independent variable?

Yup, a manipulative variable is the variable a scientist deliberately changes. This is also called an independent variable.

The input variable is called the what variable?

The independent variable. The output variable is dependent on this variable's value and so is called the dependent variable.

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