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We more sun in summer, and more dark in winter.

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Q: Why do you get more hours of daylight per day in the summer?
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What happens to the length of daylight as you go from winter to summer?

There are more hours of daylight in a day during summer than there are in winter.

Why do you get more hours of daylight per day of summer?

Because of the tilt of the Earth.

In what season is daylight hours decreasing?

Daylight hours start to decrease on the first day of summer

Why are there more hours of daylight per day in the summer?

Because in summer that part of the earth is tilted towards the sun.

Are the days longer in Scotland than England in summer?

In the summer a day in Scotland has more daylight hours than in England.

How many hours of sunlight are there during the day in the winter and summer in Antarctica?

In summer generally, there are 24 hours of daylight; in winter there are generally zero hours of daylight.

What do you call the day with longest daylight hours?

The Summer solstice

How much daylight does Philadelphia get throughout the year?

about 12 hours a day more in summer, less in winter

How may hours does day last for?

That depends on your location and the date. On average, you get 12 hours of daylight; more in the summer, but less in the winter.

The day of the year with the greatest number of daylight hours?

Summer solstice

How many hours of daylight each day does the north pole have during the spring and summer months?

Twenty-four hours of daylight.

What is the name of the day when there are the most daylight hours?

The summer solstice is the day when there are the most daylight hours in the northern hemisphere, usually occurring on June 21st or 22nd.

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