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in the event they lose one?

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Q: Why do you have 4 limbs when insects have 6?
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Do invertebrates have four limbs?

No, some such as worms have no limbs whereas insects have six and octopuses have eight.

Are insects arthopods?

An arthropod is an invertebrate with an exoskeleton. They have joined bodies and limbs. Insects are arthropods, as are many crustaceans.

How many pairs of limbs do insects have?

Three pairs for insects, four for arachnids, five for crustaceans and many for centi/millipedes.

Insects have 6 legs spiders 8 Are there 4-legged insects and 6-legged spiders and even some without?

No to all three questions.

How many limbs does lion have?

A healthy lion has four (4) limbs or legs.

What effects trees if you cut them?

Trees that have limbs cut can get fungus or insects. Consult an arborist.

How many limbs does a bird have?

A bird has 4 limbs: its arms are wings and its legs are its legs.

What are the insects that have 6 legs?

6-legged insects

What do humans have 4 of?

humans have 4 limbs,

What mammals don't have 4 limbs?

Cetaceans have only vestigial hind limbs.

Why aren't spiders considered insects?

Because they were containing an eight-limbs or eight-legs therefore; The six-legged species were been enough to call as insects

How many limbs do flies have?

Flies, like all insects, have six legs and two sets of wings.