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Q: Why do you have two swirls on your head?
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What is the column with two swirls on the top?

Ionic columns, the swirls are called volute scrolls.

Column with two swirls at top?

it is a tonic

When at a bonfire the wind was blowing the fire into swirls these swirls kept shooting out directly by a boy s head where he moved they would shoot out at him only what does this mean?

He is posessed by a higher power, quite possibly the devil himself. Stay away.

What is a candy that rhymes with girls?

swirls like chocolate swirls!

What face patterns do Appaloosas have?

some have swirls on the forehead. Or dots on there muzzle and whole head..They can also go in the ears too.

Which is a word swirles or swirls and how to write swirl as a plural noun?

The correct plural form for the noun swirl is swirls.The word swirls is also the third person, singular present for the verb to swirl (swirls, swirling, swirled).

What does the goblet of a blender do?

It swirls round

What are the swirls on a nut and bolt called?

The swirls on a nut are called threads and on a bolt they're also known as threads. These threads help the nut and bolt to grip and tighten together securely.

What patterns did hundertwasser use in his pictures?


What is the name of the Russian cathedral that has swirls?

St. Basil

What do you do as an 8th grader?

Bully the scrubs and then give them swirls!

Why do you have swirls in your leg hair?

Because you have curly hair!