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try adjusting your air to fuel ratio (if carberated)

If the engine is fuel injected, remove all the injectors and have them individually flow checked to insure they all flow the same quantity of fuel. If you are running a single fuel line, try a �Y� piece and feed both fuel rails from the rear and have the front of the fuel rails as the return both merging into a dual entry fuel pressure reg. This will help dampen fuel pressure fluctuations within the rails due to the firing order. It would be worth running two oxygen sensors on each banks collector to verify the difference in A/F ratios as well as 8 individual pyros in each runner to verify fuel mixtures.

if you don't check the ring cap at the end of the rings in the cylinder before you put them on the piston they could be to long i have been working on Chevy's for over 40 years and i just saw this on one engine just last year it cost a friend of mine 3 sets of pistons and all the work and gaskets before he found the problem. and it was on the right side also

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Q: Why do you keep burning up pistons on right side of block in a marine Chevy 350i know its running lean but why?
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Could you bore a 305 Chevy to have 350 pistons?


Will Chevy 307 pistons fit on Chevy 305?

307 pistons are 3.875" diameter. 305 pistons are 3.736". It might be possible to bore a 305 large enough to accept the 307 pistons, but the wrist pin location would be .230" off because of the different stroke. In short, no.

What are the torque specs for pistons bolts on a 305 Chevy motor?

Pistons don't have bots. More information is needed.

You are building a 1990 350 Chevy you are running 9.35 to 1 flat top pistons the bore is .030 with a RV cam what plug gap do you recommend?

you can use stock 350 plugs

How many pistons are in a 1995 Chevy cavalier 2.2L engine?


What do Chevy aveo pistons look like?

like every other piston

Why are my Brakes are hanging up on 1998 Chevy blazer?

the pistons inside your calipers are sticking

Clearance issues with Chevy 350 pistons hitting the crank?

If the pistons are hitting the crankshaft, either you have1. the wrong pistons (350 pistons are relatively short butit is possible to purchase pistons with the same bore but a longer skirt... in which case they would hit the crank)or2. the wrong crankshaft with too much "throw"

What pistons are stock in a 350 Chevy engine 3970010 year is 1974?

Depending on what the engine was used for, most likely dish top pistons. But flat tops ARE possible.

Will rods pistons and bearings from a 1975 small block Chevy fit crank and block of a 1997 small block Chevy?

Theoretically, yes.

Why does your Chevy 350 got no fule on pistons 1357?

Check the injector (inside the throttle body)

Can you reuse 350 Chevy pistons and connecting rods that are not in the same order?

Yes, that should be ok.