Why do you take algebra?

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You take it so you dont have to take it in High School.

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Q: Why do you take algebra?
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do you have to take algebra classes in college?

No you do not have to take algebra classes in college

What types of algebra are there?

There are mainly two types of Algebra. Algebra 1 and Algebra II. Some 8th graders and most 9th graders take Algebra I, and then either take Algebra II as a 10th or 11th grader. It depends on the school in which year the students take the two types.

Which course is better pre-algebra 1 or pre-algebra 2?

It depends on how far you are on Pre-algebra. If you don't know anything, I recommend you take Pre-algebra 1. If you are advanced in Pre-algebra and you know variables and expressions then I recommend you take Pre-algebra 2

Is Pre Algebra the same as Algebra 1?

No, Pre-Algebra is a course that precedes Algebra 1. Some programs do not require students to take Pre Algebra before Algebra 1, but they are not equivalent.

Do you have to take algebra 1 before you take geometry?

YEAH! Algebra 1 comes before geometry.

Is it okay if I skip Pre-Algebra and take Algebra 1?

I recommend that you take the Pre-Algebra before taking Algebra I. Taking the Pre-Algebra has a strong potential of helping you understand Algebra I much more easily and much better. A strong background and understanding of Algebra can be the basis for doing very well in later math courses.

Why do you have to take Algebra 2?

Algebra 2 is not just a repeat of algebra, you are still studying the form of math called algebra but algebra is a wide topic and in Algebra 2 your simply getting into the more advanced aspects of that topic.

What class is best to take first geometry or algebra?

Algebra. I took it in that order, and to do most of the geometry, you HAVE to know algebra. If I had taken geometry first, I would have failed. ALGEBRA FIRST.

Do you need to take algebra 1?

Yeah, you also need to take geometry and algebra 2 in order to graduate.

Which is easier College Algebra or Statistics?

Algebra by far. Statistics assumes a higher level of math learned already. Take algebra then stats

What Is After Algebra One?

After Algebra 1, if you passed it, you will take Geometry.

Can you skip geometry and just go on to algebra 2?

In many schools, geometry comes before algebra 2. You can ask your school if you can take geo online or at your own time. If you plan to take algebra 2 and trig, it is helpful to take geo.

What is regular maths and general maths for tenth standard?

It depends a little on where you are attending school and what courses you have already completed. Usually, Geometry is standard for 10th graders. You usually take geometry after you take Algebra 1 in 9th grade. However, I took Algebra 1 in 8th grade, Geometry in 9th, and Algebra 2 in 10th. So, if you're a little behind in math, you might take Algebra 1. If you're average, you might take Geometry. If you're ahead, you might take Algebra 2.

Is algebra data analysis a high school class?

algebra data analysis??hmm,never heard about that but algebra usually people take in 9th grade..

Do you have to take algebra 2 to graduate?

Most schools require students to take Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Some schools also require their students to take Trig, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. In most cases, the order in which the classes are taken does not matter, but the majority of students take them in the order above.

What does geyser mean in algebra?

Geyser in algebra means that you take out algebra, then you put in globe to replace it. then look up geyser, and there it is! It means exploding created drinking fountain!

What is the difference between algebra and pre-algebra?

Pre-algebra is essentially the basics of algebra. Algebra can be tough for many, so as a way to break the ice, you (ussually) take a pre-algebra course before algebra itself. Algebra is a very large subject, spanning multiple years of courses in most (if not all) schools. After pre-algebra, you have to work with many algebraic equations in the later courses, which cannot be understood without learning the basics that are taught in pre-algebra.

What is your expectation in college algebra?

To even consider college algebra you need strong algebra skills. So, your expectation would be to work very hard and be challenged often That is why many take advanced algebra.

Is pre-calculus trigonometry easier than pre-calculus algebra?

If you have the option to take Pre-Calc Algebra, do that.

Did the Babylonians invent algebra?

Yes, they did take a part in it, but it wasn't as strong and as practical as the Arabic algebra which was founded later.

Can you take algebra 1 in college?

No, however,if by some case you still have not yet mastered the material, there will be Intermediate Algebra Class in college. Through this class, they will take you through the fundamentals of math beginning from algebra 1 and 2 to reinforce the material.

Where do you learn algebra?

Typically in America algebra is learned in seventh or eighth grade. However, honors students can learn algebra in sixth or seventh grade or even earlier! Nowadays many places offer algebra classes to take outside school or even algebra camps!

What math classes do you have to take to be a criminologist?

well u have to take algebra for one

What do you take after algebra 1 honors?

Algebra 2 Honors? I prefer you ask your school administration rather than

Can you take trigonometry before taking algebra 2?

I think you need to understand algebra 2 before you begin trigonometry

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