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Q: Why do you think this grid is called a sieve?
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Why is a grid called a sieve?

Both a grid and a sieve is composed of vertical and horizontal lines with spaces in between. An example of a grid is a spreadsheet. An example of a sieve is a colander, or a gardener's riddle that is used to remove stones from soil.

Why is the prime number grid called the sieve?

One method for finding prime numbers is called the "Sieve of Eratosthenes" because it basically "sifts" through the numbers looking for numbers that are not not prime.

Why is sieve of eratosthenes called a sieve?

The word "sieve" in this context is used figuratively with reference to the fact that a sieve does not hold all its contents. Think of sprinkling numbers at the top of the page. The composite numbers get caught, the prime numbers sift on down.

Is sieve a verb?

Yes as a verb sieve means: to separate by passing through a sieve (noun) to remove coarser parts: He sieved the soil for his garden. check and sort carefully - Can you sieve through this information and tell me what you think?

What is a perforated pan called?

a sieve or a sifter

Are used for what in a sieve which size plates?

Sieve plates are cross walls separating the cells in the phloem and have lots of minute pores. These cross-walls look like a sieve and so are called sieve plates. The holes in the sieve plates allows rapid flow of manufactured food substances through the sieve tubes.

The cells that function with the sieve tubes are the?

Cells containing sieve plates are called sieve tube members, a component of the phloem, which carries sugars produced in the leaves to various parts of the plant. They are characteristic of angiosperms (flowering plants) while gymnosperms (cone-bearing plants) have only sieve cells. Sieve cells and sieve tube members are collectively referred to as sieve elements.

What is the function of the sieve plate on a starfish?

the sieve plate is a filter for the water that enters the "Water Vascular System" in Echinoderms.

What is four grid reference called?

MGR4 (Map Grid Reference, 4) Four Grid Reference

What is a city's electrical network called?

The grid. The countrywide network is the National Grid

What are books that have grid lines?

Books that have grid lines are called Graphing Books .

What is the name of Eratosthenes method of finding prime numbers?

It is called a sieve.