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You use pi to find volumes that include circles, as volume = area x depth, and the area of a circle always involves pi

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Q: Why do you use pi to find volumes?
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How do you use pi in geometry?

Working out areas and volumes of circles and spheres respectively

How you use pi in school?

To find the diameter of a circle, you use pi to find the radius, because the middle of a circle is pi.

What is the number that you use to find pi?

the number is that you use for pi is 3.14 the number is that you use for pi is 3.14

Why do people use Pi?

people use pi to find the circumference of a circle.

What calculation use the pi number?

There are very many calculations which use pi. Many of them are in geometry: areas of circles and ellipses, volumes of solids of revolution. But there are also many applications in statistics.

How is pi used?

the way to use pi is to find the circuference of a circle

When you find the volume of a cylinder what is the exponent you use?

Volumes are cubic measures. Use a 3.

What is pi about?

Pi is the number you have to use to solve many circle equations. If you want to find the area of a circle, use radius squared times pi. For the circumference, use diameter times pi.

What jobs use pi and how?

Well it depends. You could use pi to find the area of a cylinder or use it to find the area of a circle lets say for a new window.

How do you find diameter out of circumference?

use pi (3.14)

How can you use pi?

You need Pi to find the radius or circumference of a circle and there are many more uses!

How do you find the radius when you have the circuference?

circumference = pi * 2radius (diameter) so to find radius you use circumference/(2 x pi) this will find radius ----

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