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Imagine drawing a square on a piece of paper. Obviously, this drawing is in 2-D because although the picture has length and width, it has no height, or in other words, does not occupy space in the 3-D world.

However, the cube is in 3-D. It has all the properties of a three-dimensional object: it has length, it has width, and it has height. The cube occupies space throughout our world and is therefore a three-dimensional object.

Surface area is in 2-D. When we measure surface area, we do not measure thickness, or height. We only measure the length and width. Similarly, because the square has length and width but not height, it is used to measure surface area.

Volume, however, is in 3-D. When we measure volume, we also measure the space it occupies in our world. Similarly, the cube occupies space through our world. How could you draw a cube with a square when it has no thickness??? Therefore, we use squares to measure surface area and cubes for volume.

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Q: Why do you use squares to measure surface area and cubes to measure volume?
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Why do you use cubes instead of squares to measure the volume of a rectangular prism?

Squares cannot be used to measure a three-dimensional volume since they have only two dimensions. Squares are used to measure surface areas, such as the outer surface of a rectangular solid. Cubes are used to measure volume because they are the simplest geometric division of a three-dimensional space. For a rectangular solid, multiplying H x W x D literally tells you the number of cubes (of the given unit of measurement) that can be contained within that space.

What are you measuring when you measure in meter cubes?

M3 volume

Do cubes have the same volume and surface area?

Yes Volume: Is the amount it takes to build it. Surface Area: Is how much is on the surface.

How many number of squares are on two cubes?

There are 12 squares on 2 cubes

Is it possible for 2 cubes to have the same volume and the same surface area?

Yes they would have to be similar cubes.

How are cubes different from squares?

Squares are 2D figures and cubes are 3D figures Also squares are the faces of a cube

How must unit cubes be stacked when used to measure volume with an answer?


How do you calculation standard deviation of concrete cubes?

You cannot calculate standard deviation for objects such as concrete cubes - you can only calculate standard deviation for some measure - such as side length, surface area, volume, mass, alkalinity or some other measure.

What is the surface area and volume for cubes with 1cm?

A cube with 1 cm sides has a surface area of 6 cm2 and a volume of 1 cm3.

What happens to surface area to volume ratios for larger and larger cubes?

They grow

Which numbers have a square and cube root?

Cubes of squares or squares of cubes, like 1, 64 and 729.

Does surface area mean size?

surface area is the total outer area of a figure (I.E. a cubes surface area can be calculated by adding the area of its 4 squares)

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