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Q: Why does Chloe Hosterman look like the bride of Chucky looks like her?
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Is chucky scary?

SCARY?!!! give me a break its not scary he just looks scary

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Not that big. Just looks chucky :))

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Any new chucky films?

A new Chucky film is currently planned for release in 2014. It is a remake of the original "Child's Play," and is planned as the first of many new movies starring Chucky.

What does chucky look like?

Chucky, as in the killer doll from the Child's Play movies is a Good Guy doll. Good Guy dolls strongly resembles the My Buddy dolls of real life. As far as what Chucky will look like in upcoming movies? I guess you will have to wait for the movie's release to see.

Why do My Buddy dolls look like the Child's Play doll Chucky?

Actually, the My Buddy dolls came out before Childs play, so it's believable that Chucky actually looks like the My Buddy dolls rather than vise versa.

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