Why does Mac have an apple logo?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Because Apple is short for Apple Macintosh. In other words a mac is an apple.

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Q: Why does Mac have an apple logo?
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How do you find version of mac os on MacBook?

Click on the apple logo on the top right, then click about this mac, the version number will be under the Grey apple logo

Who came up with the concept of the Mac logo?

The concept for the Mac logo was envisioned and designed by Rob Janoff. To this day, Rob Janoff is the designer for the Mac logo. Rob Janoff came up with the concept of the Apple and Mac logo.

How do you tell how many gigabites an i Mac have?

Click the Apple logo top left of the screen and then click About This Mac.

Updating apple Mac?

What is your question about updating an apple mac? You can check for updates with software update by going to the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen, and then choosing Software Update. Is this what you wanted to know?

How do you download the app store for the Mac?

To get the Mac app store, you click on the Apple logo on the top of the desktop and then click system update to get it.

What is symbolised by the iMac logo?

I assume you're referring to the Apple logo. If so, Steve Jobs worked in a apple orchard as a kid. This is where he came up with the name Macintosh referring to the Macintosh Apple. He therefore used the Apple logo for his computers. The I in iMac stands for Internet and the Mac Stands for Macintosh.

What does the apple logo do on the screen when turning off the computer?

The gray Apple logo that appears on a Mac during shutdown (and bootup) is simply a splash screen that displays during the shutdown (or bootup) process.

Who was person that created the apple mac logo?

The creator of the Apple logo was Rob Janoff in 1977. Originally it was filled with multi coloured hoops (green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue).

Who was pictured in the very first apple logo?

the first apple logo was formed by the Beatles in the 1900's. later on, the computer company macintosh copied the logo, and started selling the product with logo on it. the Beatles sued the Macintosh company 6 times, and finally in 2010 Mac bought the logo.

Why do movies and television shows have the Apple Mac logo on their PC's and laptops No one uses Windows?

Because Apple usually has the license for the show or movie in question.

Who is founder of Apple mac?

Steve Wozniak, Steve JobsThey were the founder of the computer system but not the name. The Beatles already had the company called Apple Corps Ltd in 1968, and the Logo of the Apple.

How do you find your GFX?

Goto Device Manager on Windows if you have a Mac goto the apple logo at the top left hand corner and click about this Mac then go into more info.