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Because if you turn a nine upside down then it does not look like anything but if you turn a six upside down then it looks like a nine.

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Q: Why does a six looks like a nine and a nine looks like a nine?
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Is 9.06 nine tens and six ones?

No, it is nine ones and six one-hundredths (like nine dollars and six cents)

Do you underline a 6 or 9?

you underline the 6 because if turned upside down it looks like a nine.

Six million four hundred thousand nine hundred twenty seven dollars looks like in number form?

$6,400,927 i think

What does three six million look like?

It looks like 18,000,000It looks like 18,000,000It looks like 18,000,000It looks like 18,000,000

Six times nine are fifty-six or six times nine is fifty-six?

Neither, six times nine is fifty four.

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The Sierra Six looks like a ruger single six- or a colt peacemaker. Basically it looks like any pistol you would see on an old western movie. A good- low cost shooter....

What does nine and three fourths look like as a decimal?

It looks like very much like 9.75

Which is correct 'six times nine are fifty-six' or 'six times nine is fifty-six'?

"Six times nine is fifty-six" is grammatically correct. By the way, six times nine is actually fifty-four (54), not fifty-six (56).

What is a match for 46.89 forty-six and eighty nine or is it forty-six and eighty-nine thousand?

forty six and eighty nine thousand

How do you write nine and six tenths?

You write it like this, 9.6 .

What is the definition for the word asterisk?

A mark like a six-pointed star which looks like this: *

Which is correct six times nine are fifty-six or nine times six is fifty-six?

Six Times Nine Is Fifty - Four. And You Can Write It Either Way Around.

What do you add to nine to make six?

you would add -3 to itcuz its like subtracting it from nine

What does nine hundred thousand look like?

As a number it is: 900,000

How do you write 59 million in figures?

59 million in figures looks like 59,000,000. There are six zeros in a million, so you can simply add six zeros to 59 to find out what 59 million looks like in numbers.

How many stars does Pisces have?

It has six stars and it looks like a fish.

How do you word this number 6.029186?

Like this: six and twenty-nine thousand one hundred eighty-six millionths.

What does eight hundred thousand nine hundred and thirty seven looks like?


What is the answer of six over nine minus six over nine?


Why doesn't six like seven?

It's not dislike, it's fear and a subtle feeling of rejection. Six is both fearful and envious of the relationship between seven and nine. Six wonders why seven would ignore it's neighbor and instead choose to interact with NINE! WHY NINE? Six is so much closer! Six needs to understand that just because seven ate nine, that doesn't preclude seven from being hungry again. Six still has a chance.

What kind of shape has 6 sides?

A hexagon has six sides. It also has six corners. It looks like this:

How do you write nine and six hundredths in decimal form?

You write it like this: 9.06

What do six pack abs look like?

a six pack ab looks like three squares on each side of your ab like lines that make the square (boys can only have).

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I'll give you six for a nine?

this means someone is trying to trick you because six flipped around is a nine. so six for a nine means someone is being sneaky